Sisters Round Up of Gems

The Sisters Round Up of Gems is set for June 30-July 4. Gems including opal, Oregon sunstones, ruby, aquamarine, lapis, malachite, agates and more, both rough and cut, line the tables of all the happy vendors.

Minerals, crystals, beads, stone carvings, jewelry, lapidary tools and equipment, meteorites and fossils from all regions of the world, sparkle brightly waiting to find their home.

So much care and good energy has been given by these craftspeople, miners, artists and rock hounds to dig, cut, polish, set, transport and display all of these treasures for you to behold, take home, enjoy or give as a unique gift.

Yes, there is quite the variety of awesome things that mother nature has provided us, but all this is not the most important thing of this event. What? Nope. It’s the people! It’s the gathering of friends and family with something we all love in common…ROCKS!

Jean Miller started this wonderful legacy.
Creekside Park 504 S. Locust Street, Sisters

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