Slot tricks and tips that work

Realistically what do you think is the main thing behind most people’s urge to gamble these days? Whilst the range of casino games that are available to gamblers at such as poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slots are fun, we are still willing to bet that the main reason why they are so well loved is that they also carry the very real possibility of winning a large sum of real cash today. 

Fortunately for us gamblers there has never been a better time to gamble and win money either, because things like online casino and online slots have elevated the entire gambling industry to a whole new level. Want to win money on online slots? Well, it’s entirely possible, you will just need to pick up a few slot tricks and tips that really work. Luckily for you we have compiled a list of things to look out for… 

Check out the RTP of a slot before you play 

One piece of information that has been popularised as a result of things like The Gambling Act 2004 in the UK that made online slot operators obliged to disclose it is RTP. This stands for Return To Player, and it is given as a percentage that can indicate the average amount that gamblers can expect to see back from their stakes on any given game. 

What this means is that RTP becomes a very good way of finding out the odds of a slot, and if you want to win money you are going to want to go for the good odds in the majority of cases. So we would recommend playing slots with an RTP of 96% or over, and avoiding those with lower scores, however not in the case of progressive jackpot slots as these will have naturally lower RTPs. 

Bet with slot volatility at the forefront of your mind 

 Another piece of information that is quite popular in the industry today but that some gamblers might struggle to understand at first is slot volatility. It can often be referred to as variance, and it is basically related to how easy or hard it is to win big or small when gambling on a slot game. 

On a high variance slot gamblers will need to place large bets in order to win larger jackpots, but they will also be liable to lose more in the process too. On the other hand low variance slots require smaller bets that are more likely to be won, however it will take you longer to acquire a sum of money too. 

Shop around for the best online casino deposit bonuses 

Due to how incredibly competitive the modern online slot market is there are hundreds if not thousands of online casino sites offering remarkably good first time deposit bonuses for potential customers. 

People can often bag something like 100 free spins and a 100% up to £100 cash back bonus here, and this can in turn lead to some big slot wins.

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