Solo Exhibit of Van Patten Visceral Paintings

apparatusLouie Van Patten is a local painter likely known for the collaborative work he has exhibited with fellow painter Cara Thayer. Their visceral figurative paintings were featured in many of the contemporary galleries in Bend, as well as the around downtown for the various art walk events. The paintings will be hanging through April at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters in Tin Pan Alley.


Now after years of nearly exclusive collaboration, Van Patten has spent the last several months working solo and will be exhibiting the results for the first time at Lone Pine Coffee Roasters through April.

These works on panel begin in the figurative realm reminiscent of the collaborative work, but reach towards something more primitive and fantastical. Traditionally working with oils and brushes, Van Patten is now working entirely without brushes, constructing the paintings with oil sticks, using a gloved hand, fingernails and rags.


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