The Solo Speak Second Saturday Sessions. The One Woman Show X 2with Shay Knorr & Gail Menasco

On March 12 Shay Knorr in a one hour version of her hit Portland show, Why Can’t I Marry The Cute Beatle, will share the 10 years after her son’s death and how she lived through grief to find a new way of living in the world.
She re-did an historic house and garden; maneuvered the jungle called On Line Dating; she tried any spiritual path with hilarious depth, she traveled the world and finally dedicated herself to her art and her two grandchildren.  You will laugh, you will cry and you will walk away changed.
Gail Menasco will tell tales of adventure in her show, Excuse Me, May I Borrow Your Underwear?  She swims with sharks, she dives out of airplanes and she tells of the time she had a broken leg and had to get around the airport on crutches with no underwear.  This girl is so funny, she should have her own sitcom.  You will laugh so hard, you may need to ask your neighbor if you can borrow THEIR underwear.
This is a show NOT to miss, and this is personal story telling and not appropriate for children.
Saturday March 12, 7:30pm at Armature, 50 SE Scott, #1
Tickets:;  503-860-5733
$15 on-line; $18 at the door.

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