Spring Quarter Fine Art Exhibit Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery

Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery continues the Spring Quarter Art Exhibition with Curtiss Abbott, Thomas Wanzer Long and other artists through May 27.

Abbott shows fine art landscape photography entitled Immersive Landscapes. The title reflects his intent to capture realistic images that immerse the viewer in the scene – hearing waterfalls, walking in the woods, gazing at sunsets on distant mountains.

The artist notes that the world’s finest cameras are mechanical tools that cannot see as the human eye. Hence, the photographer continues his labor of some 40+ years of manually setting the camera’s focus, aperture and shutter speed as well as later enhancing the photo’s color, light and atmosphere to put his “personal stamp on my images.”

Collectively, Abbott demonstrates his considerable skill in the use of the photographic medium but also communicates his emotive experience in the encounter as seen in “Paulina Springs.” He exhibits his expertise and notes his joy in sharing his experience with others.

Wanzer Long began his art career at age seven on a train trip with his maternal grandfather. Following the trip, Long painted an orange grove retained in memory. Impressed with the child’s ability, his grandfather (an enduring advocate of Long’s art) enrolled him in the Museum Art School of the Portland Art Museum where he studied throughout his childhood and teen years, learning drawing and painting in acrylic and oil.

Later, Long worked as a graphic artist in Portland, continuing his art education at Portland Community College at night. At PCC, the artist learned watercolor and dry brush watercolor technique under the tutelage of Clifford Smith for whom he later worked as an instructional assistant. He continued study at Portland State University while working in marketing, including his own marketing business.

During this time, the artist began to join his graphic design experience and his education in fine art. Employing watercolor washes as background in paintings, combined with the detailed drawing technique of graphic art joined with dry brush watercolor as foreground, Long created the series of paintings now on display at Sunriver Lodge.

The realistic images include the minutely detailed, complex renderings of “The Old Lodge at Multnomah Falls” and “Sacred Pool” as well as “Cloud Cap Sunset” that combines both complex and more expressive detail. Each meticulous and expert painting required months to complete.

Janice Druian, Bill Logan, Mary Marquiss, Mary Rollins and Gary Vincent join the exhibit. Sunriver Resort invites the public to the exhibition open all hours. Billye Turner, art consultant, provides info at 503-780-2828.

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