Storytellers Return to Old Stone – Saturday November 12

To Tell The Truth—A Gathering of Storytellers will return to The Old Stone Performing Arts Center on Saturday, November 12, with a whole new set of tales and a special musical act to round out the evening’s program.

Once again the Two Twisted Sisters will collaborate with Bend’s community radio station, KPOV, to present an enthralling evening of true stories, all of which will be based on the same theme, “What was I thinking?”

After the first installment attracted a large crowd to the Old Stone and October’s High Desert Hijinks nearly packed the house, producers Howard Schor and Dan Cohen went back to the brains behind both shows, the mysterious and reclusive impresarios, Two Twisted Sisters, and implored them to once again work their magic on another original program.

After a round of grousing about Cohen and Schor, whom the Sisters referred to as “barely competent handmaidens,” the two came up with a new theme for local storytellers to tackle.

“At one time in their lives everybody has stopped to ask him or herself –what was I thinking?—after one misstep or another. We sisters often ask ourselves what we were thinking when we let Schor and Cohen handle production chores. So the theme seemed a natural.”

Based on NPR’s popular series The Moth, Bend’s version of the program will follow the same basic format. Storytellers will not be able to consult notes or use props. And all stories must be true, or at least true to the best of their tellers’ recollections.

“KPOV are fine folks and we’re proud to partner with them,” one Sister exclaimed. As for the cast, the Sisters declined to be specific. “You may see a few familiar faces and few that are unfamiliar.” And while the show is open to all ages, Cohen and Schor are cautioning parents that some material may not be suitable for those under 18.

“We’re expecting a fair degree of hilarity, and maybe a tear or two,” the Sisters cackled with glee. “And as if a full slate of storytellers isn’t enough, we’ll spice the program up with a surprise musical guest.” But when pressed by Cohen and Schor for more information the Sisters declined further comment, dispatching their two handmaidens to tend to the details.

Once out of earshot of the Sisters, Cohen and Schor divulged the names and images of three high profile storytellers–Patty Davis, Dave Finch, and Anne Marie Daggett—with the promise of a lot more to come.

The event will take place on Saturday, November 12 at 8pm at Peter Geisers’ Old Stone Performing Arts Center on Franklin Street. Wine, beer and snacks will be available at the Altar Café provided by the fabulous Bowtie Catering. Doors will open at 7:30pm.

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