Strengthen Your Painting Skills with Master Instruction in Every Genre & Media

artinmountainsArtists from around the world will attend Art In The Mountains’ five-day fine art painting workshops in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel and mixed media taught by internationally known instructors.  


Kim English
Paint Instinctively, oil – studio & plein air
July 1 – 5
This dynamic workshop will teach you to rapidly capture gesture, light and form. Discover how to paint quickly and accurately concentrating on the “process.” Models will be there each day and paint numerous studies practicing techniques for achieving a spontaneous, yet controlled approach. A working palette will be developed simplifying the comparison of color and value, an essential part of picture making. Kim’s Gold Medal artwork has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Artists Magazine and in the book Figure Drawing Workshop by Carole Katchen. He has also self-published a book of his work.


Thomas Schaller
The Architecture of Light, watercolor studio & plein air
July 8 – 12
Form the final painting in your mind before your brush ever touches the paper. Tom will teach you how to find and focus on abstract compositional subjects based on the solid organization of darks and lights. Learn to see as an artist and identify what will result in the best possible painting. The contrasts of the architecture of man and the architecture of nature should inspire strong ideas and great discussions. Tom is the author of Architecture in Watercolor and The Art of Architectural Drawing. He is considered one of the foremost architectural artists in the world.


Judy Morris
Great Design Decisions! – studio, open medium
Comfort with Your Medium a Must
August 5 – 9
Paint with techniques that make you smile! Judy is serious about helping you become a better artist.  This workshop is for artists who want five intensive days to explore the structure behind successful paintings. Learn how to use photo inspiration without imitation, create a successful underlying design structure, choose color chords that create harmony, create surface interest with texture, learn finishing techniques that will make your painting a success. Judy is a signature member of the AWS, NWS, the TWSA, and the NWWS. She is the author of WATERCOLOR BASICS: LIGHT.


Nicholas Simmons
Bold and Daring, watercolor and acrylic – studio
August 12 – 16
You’ll never think about painting the same way again! Prepare yourself for Nicholas’ high-energy, unorthodox and varied approach to watercolor. This workshop will focus on concepts, composition and design elements with concentration on diversity in subject matter, poured watercolor, fluid acrylic used as transparent watercolor, unusual textures such as his popular “batik” technique, large scale painting; computer-aided design and creative photography for obtaining unconventional reference shots. Nicholas was the sole judge representing the US at the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial, the world’s largest watercolor exhibition, in 2010 and 2012., e-mail or call: 503-930-4572.


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