This Summer Redmond Will Be Full of Rock Chucks

Not the kind that run around in the canyon or burrow holes in the ground, but fancifully painted rock chuck sculptures will be placed throughout town as part of Redmond’s Public Art “Fun-Raiser” this summer, Chucks in Public Places.

This is an event to celebrate Rock Chucks, the yellow-bellied marmot that
always eluded Yosemite Sam and is indigenous to this area. Whether you
love them or loathe them, they are unique to Central Oregon, and Redmond
thinks you will find theirs particularly cute.


The City of Redmond is currently working with local artists to paint
twenty plastic rock chucks. The installation of the completed rock
chucks will debut at the Redmond Committee for Arts in Public Places
kick-off event at Wild Ride, 4-6pm, June 15.
Following the kick-off event the “Chucks” will be displayed throughout Redmond during the summer with an auction on August 19 to purchase your favorite rock chuck.


Making of the Chucks: PHOTO of the WEEK
Betty Jo Simmons, a member of the Redmond Committee for Art in Public
Places and a carousel animal carver, carved a whimsical image of a rock
chuck. Then Anne Graham, a retired engineer and a Redmond City Councilor, devised a mold from the carving and produced twenty plastic models for our program. In the true Redmond way, they have relied on our local talent to produce an extraordinary event.


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