The Greetings Tour Mural Mirrors the City of Bend

(Photo by Lisa Beggs)

With every mural they create, the Greetings Tour vision goes beyond artistry; it’s about uniting local communities through creativity and connection. The new mural reflects local culture, shared passions, and the breathtaking landscapes that make Bend and the surrounding region an extraordinary place to call home. In partnership with Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs of the Greetings Tour, local photographers Autumn Swisher and Aarica Horner and local creative studio, Vivi Design Co., poured their talents into this mural; capturing the essence of downtown Bend in the process.

Local residents are invited to come see the finished mural. “Public art should always be for public benefit,” says Ving. “Our goal is to have this mural bring joy to those who see it. We want people to feel connected to it even more than we do. Additionally, we create each mural with the intention to support local small businesses through our nationwide mural hunt initiative. We’ve heard from thousands of people who’ve traveled across the country and made intentional stops in various Greetings Tour communities to get photos with our murals. We’re excited to do our part in stimulating local tourism and small business growth.”

Over the last week, the artists took public feedback and ideas in real time and incorporated hidden easter egg images of everything from The Traveler sculpture to a tribute to the Pilot Butte Drive-In. “We love adding in these local suggestions because it gives the community a voice in the process. Every time they pass by the mural in the future, we hope it will make them proud and evoke a sense of ownership.”

The creation of this piece helps contribute to the local movement for more murals in public spaces; contributing to the overall beautification of the community. “Murals give us the ability to create beauty out of spaces that were meant for utility. They remind us that in even the most ordinary or routine parts of our own life we can always create something beautiful,” says Ving. “Art has the power to foster connection between disparate groups of people and uplift the entirety community. We hope this mural does exactly that.”

About the Artists

Victor Ving is a former NYC graffiti artist who now utilizes his aerosol art experience to create timeless public murals for communities across America. He is married to Lisa Beggs, and for the last six years they have been living out of their RV and traveling coast to coast working on their postcard mural project in towns and cities of all sizes. They are currently based out of Pasadena, California. (

Photographer Lisa Beggs was born and raised in Ohio. Upon graduating from Ohio University for Commercial Photography and Dance, she moved to New York City where she began shooting. Beggs’ portfolio can be found on her website (

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