The Show Must Continue To Go On!

(Roman Russell | Photo courtesy of BEAT Children’s Theatre)

BEAT Children’s Theatre presents The Radio Play Disaster — A Radio Play! The world has been faced with challenging, uncertain times. There are many unknowns and changing conditions. The performing arts world has been challenged to find new and creative ways to proceed and bring the stage to the community. How do you present theatre when you cannot safely gather an audience, or a cast? Once again, BEAT Children’s Theatre has taken a cue from theatre of the past. BEAT’s talented young actors have worked hard over the past month to present a hilarious play in an old fashioned radio play format! This play has been recorded and released for streaming on your computers at home for everyone to enjoy safely and comfortably.

Director Bree Beal, along with BEAT Children’s Theatre, is pleased to present a radio play version of The Radio Play Disaster by Don Zolidis. The story follows self-proclaimed genius, Harlan Bean, who is ready to make history with his science-fiction radio masterpiece, Battle of the Planets. But when the broadcast is in the hands of an ambitious actress with her own vision for her character, several terrified last-minute replacements jumping in, a disgruntled sound engineer out for revenge and a contest winning walk-on member of the public who insists on calling himself Furious Hamster, everything goes terribly wrong… in the most hysterical ways! In a world full of stress and chaos, this hysterical play has allowed our young actors to let go and embrace their crazy over the top acting skills.

BEAT misses you at the theatre and looks forward to seeing you again in the future. In the meantime, grab the family and gather around at home for some hysterical comedy brought to you by the talented actors you miss seeing on stage! This play will leave you crying tears of laughter! Don’t miss The Radio Play Disaster streaming on your devices March 12, 13, 14 and March 19, 20, 21. 

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