Two Twisted Sisters Return with Tapestry of the Arts

(Poster | Courtesy of Two Twisted Sisters)

After two years in seclusion, those two mysterious and reclusive arts impresarios — Two Twisted Sisters — are back with all new show featuring a cast of over thirty of Bend’s most exciting talent.

Tapestry of the Arts, a co-production of Cascades Theatrical Company will play October 27, 28, 29 and 30 at CTC’s theater in downtown Bend. And according to the sisters, it’ll be a show to remember with drama, music, comedy and a few surprises. “You miss this one and you’ll live to regret it,” the two sisters stated with confidence.

“We were on quite a roll until that damn virus bowled us over,” the sister who identifies herself as the elder, reported. “We had that Stone in the Water movie, storytelling shows and other projects in the stew pot. Then the COVID came to town, and we just holed up like scared jackrabbits at hunting season. Except hunting season went on two years!”

“But now we’re back with a star-studded show guaranteed to please young and old,” the younger proclaimed. “Tapestry of the Arts is the brainchild of one of our favorite performers, Mary Kilpatrick,” the older added. “Once we heard what she had in mind we jumped on it like white on rice!”

“That woman may not be as young as she used to be,” the younger sister explained, “but she’s got enough drive to last a hundred years. And this show is the proof of that. Mary has put together one acts, dance, music and comedy for a night the likes of which this town hasn’t seen, since, well, the plague closed the place down.”

Theater-goers will arrive to find CTC transformed into a fine arts gallery, complete with live music, art work and refreshments.

The show begins promptly at 7:30pm with Laura Lee Coffman’s hilarious one act play, Hen Party. Sara Freedman’s Hooked follows, a captivating drama about two sisters with a big problem. “Nothing like the two of us,” the older Twisted Sister noted. Next, Bend’s mistress of movement, Michelle Majesky, takes center stage with a troupe of dancers, to perform numbers, from Cabaret and Chicago.

In Their First Date, another piece by the prolific Ms. Coffman, two people meet and very little goes right. The program continues with a special musical guest. “We always like to spring a couple surprises in our shows,” the younger sister explained. “You can’t tell people everything. You need an element of mystery to keep stuff lively.”

Dan Cohen, described by the sisters as “a compulsive over achiever,” is next, with a story of teenage angst and agony called How I Got to the Senior Prom.

A harrowing drama, written by Howard Schor and directed by Mary Kilpatrick closes the evening. Paul’s Bed, based on an event from the director’s life in New York during the 80s, involves a circle of artists who gather to visit one of their own at a fateful moment in his young life. “We both agree that this one’s gonna have folks riveted to their seats,” the sisters predict.

“People have been sitting in front of their TVs way too long” the older sister commented. “Tapestry of the Arts is just the right tonic for that.”

“I totally agree,” the younger chimed in. “Enough with the TV. Except I have to admit, I kinda liked that Kid Game show. Or was that Squid Game? We spent so many hours holed up with the TV it’s all sort of smushed together.”

While the sisters welcome all ages, they advise parents that some material may not be suitable for small children. “Bring ‘em at your own risk,” the younger warns. “But don’t expect us to take responsibility if they go off on a crying jag.”

Tapestry of the Arts plays Thursday, October 27 through Saturday October 29 at 7:30pm and Sunday, October 30 at 2pm.

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