Volcanic Theatre Pub Launches First Play Production

zooVolcanic Theatre Pub, in their new venue, presents Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story beginning Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13.  

VTP is a new cultural arts venue that screens films, performs plays and hosts musical acts all in one cozy and intimate warehouse space furnished with comfy sofas, chairs, recliners, tables and bar tops, while serving a great selection of craft brews and wines.

The Zoo Story, Albee’s first play, is a one-act show that explores the chance encounter between Jerry, a ‘permanent transient’, and Peter, a book publisher, in New York City’s Central Park. Jerry, portrayed by Derek Sitter, is a desperate, isolated and lonely soul in his most tragic condition who confronts Peter (Don Tompos), a married man with two daughters, two cats and two parakeets that lives in his ‘own little zoo’. The play’s suspenseful plot unfolds as Jerry relentlessly spills stories of his life onto Peter until the unforgettable climax and the story of the zoo.

The play’s director, Derek Sitter, interprets the play as, “Two animals, one wild and one domesticated, and this is what happens when you throw them into the same cage.” Albee’s The Zoo Story addresses themes surrounding today’s economic climate and some of its inherent aftershocks. “There are many people who feel alone right now. I want to make sure they understand that they’re not,” says Volcanic Founder Sitter.

The Zoo Story opens April 12 and will continue the following week with performances Thu-Sat, April 18-20. All shows begin promptly at 7:30pm and admission is $10. Volcanic Theatre Pub is located in Bend’s Century Center, 70 SW Century Drive (14th St.) next to GoodLife Brewing.

www.volcanictheatrepub.com at 541-323-1881  

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