Where is the Love?

(Rodney “Makaih” Cook III)

Rodney “Makaih” Cook III, is entering his freshman year this fall at Bend Senior High. Since a young age, he has excelled in academics and athletics, but his true passion has always been music. As a toddler, his parents would find him beating on his Fisher-Price toy drum set, creating his own music. At the age of five, his parents enrolled him into piano lessons where his love for music continued to grow as did the list of instruments he could play. Of all the instruments Makaih mastered, the Ukulele that his grandfather gifted him, quickly became his favorite. His passion for music, equity, inclusion and spreading love has inspired his current song, “Where is the Love,”

As a middle school student, he has witnessed first-hand how cruel kids can be to one another. Makaih has decided to stand up for them. He gets fired up, encouraging his peers to be stronger than the negative words that are said. Sharing his positive message through music, he’s hoping to encourage his classmates and others in the community to stand up for change.

Makaih is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Younity, a local non-profit aimed at teaching people how to effectively respond to bullying, helping them discover their own self-power, become more aware of their actions, and develop more compassion in the way they treat others.

Makaih has dedicated his efforts to creating inspiring music with a positive message in hopes to end bullying, racism and youth suicide in Central Oregon and beyond.

Artist: Rodney “Makaih” Cook III

YouTube page: youtu.be/NuMinoHjc8k 

Instagram music link: instagram.com/makaih_721/

Facebook music page facebook.com/Makaih-CookRodney-Cook-III




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