World Finest Music Group at Volcanic Theatre Pub

Saturday, January 30 at 10pm Portland’s World Finest music group will perform at Volcanic Theatre.

Creating what could best be described as Neo-Americana, World’s Finest has bridged the gap between ska, Americana, dub and bluegrass. Hailing from all over the country the band is comprised of five members: Chris Couch (acoustic guitar, vocals), Dan Hurley (electric banjo, vocals), Sean McLean (sax, electric guitar, vocals), Evan Malfer (electric + upright bass), and Mike Apodaca (drums).

Even with their very different musical and geographical backgrounds, they have undoubtedly found inspiration in each others’ taste, talents, and sensibilities.

Strong songwriting, beautiful vocal harmonies, engaging band interplay and improvisation are only a handful of the many reasons why the band has garnered critical acclaim, and an ever-growing regional and national fan base.

Volcanic Theatre Pub
70 SW Century Drive
Biz – 541-323-1881


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