A Surprise Invitation

(Artwork above by Vivian Olsen)

Vivian Olsen, a Bend artist, has been invited to join the ranks of artists exhibiting their artwork on Santa Fe’s famous Canyon Road. Vivian says, “I was recently surprised by a call from the V Q GALLERY owner in Santa Fe, New Mexico and invited to exhibit my paintings there in August. The owner had collected my paintings and etchings in the 80’s and 90’s when I lived in Socorro, New Mexico and she now owns a new gallery on Canyon Road so she contacted me with specific requests for artwork. She wanted paintings of the Native American Pueblo Dancers from the Rio Grande area similar to those she purchased from me years ago, and also paintings of the animals of the area, in particular Sandhill Cranes.”

Mention the name of Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico to any artist or art collector living in the West and they won’t need any explanation of what it refers to. Even though it’s just a narrow lane lined with prestigious art galleries, It’s a famous place where artists wish their artwork could be shown, so Vivian is delighted! It’s been a few months since that phone call invitation and Vivian has been painting new watercolors which are now hanging during August in the VQ Gallery located at 703 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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