Photos by Laeatta Mitchell

BEAT Quality Youth Theatre Brings Bilingual Program to Central Oregon

Have you ever heard a cloud speak Spanish? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all your friends suddenly started speaking a different language? This summer BEAT Quality Youth Theatre invites actors and audiences to find answers to these, and many more questions, through its very first bilingual production – The Princess is Sad / La Princesa Esta Triste.

For ten years BEAT has been encouraging young people across Central Oregon to rise to artistic and personal challenges through theatre programming. This summer we offer a new challenge – performing a story in both Spanish and English.

Director Kevin Campbell-White (co-founder and director of the Children’s Theater Company in Redmond) will lead a talented group of actors to thrill audiences with language, culture and the joy of live theatre. This production will kick off a new part of BEAT programming as we work with our amazing students to explore multicultural performing arts.

With a diverse audience in mind, the performance will be accessible to people of all ages and language skills. BEAT continues to pursue new and exciting ways to achieve our mission of empowering young people and bringing new cultural experience to Central and Eastern Oregon. Bilingual theater is a long-standing tradition in many parts of the world and BEAT is very proud to bring a taste of it to our next season.

Audiences will be witness to the enrichment brought to a live performance by young people of varying backgrounds, working together to tell a story of friendship. This production will be performed in Redmond and in Bend, July 22-26.

BEAT students will also spend time this summer at BEAT the Heat Summer Camps, and getting ready for our Fall production of James and the Giant Peach. We hope kids and adults alike will find something to touch their hearts, challenge their minds and bring a joyful smile to their faces.

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