Clearwater Gallery Features Dan Rickards’ Annual Print Give Away for 2014

clearwaterThis year marks the 12th annual print giveaway, an event that has become an anticipated weekend for Clearwater Gallery and the Central Oregon community. Clearwater gallery owners Dan and Julia Rickards have carried out a Sisters Harvest Faire tradition of offering complimentary signed and numbered fine art prints that began as a Cascade Range series, displaying a variety of landscapes featuring our mountain ranges and well-known destinations around Central Oregon.

Last year Dan transitioned into his National Park collection, debuting his explorations with the breathtaking slice of Yosemite, Unfolding Light. This year’s continuation of the series will feature a glimpse of the highly acclaimed Redwood National Park, established in 1968.

When Dan and Julia ventured to the Redwoods this past July, the serenity and towering stature of the miles of ancient trees is an experience that Rickards seeks to capture in this year’s release. Rickards explains, “My mission is to represent the parks to the best of my ability. To paint realism in a way that is inspiring but yet highly representational of people’s own experiences; bringing them back to the moment when they were there.”

This year’s print giveaway will take place Saturday, October 11 at 10am. The Rickards will be at Clearwater Gallery signing the first 150 complimentary prints. Attend this annual event and learn more about the vision and passion behind the National Park collection.

The first 150 people will receive a complimentary fine art print.

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