Know Mystery through October with Deschutes Public Library

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Grab your magnifying glass (and library card) to crack the case of Know Mystery this October with Deschutes Public Library. Hunt for clues to make a case for Bigfoot’s existence, and unearth modern findings of Aztec hieroglyphs. Tackle taboo topics with a Death Café conversation, and take the scary out of integrating veganism into daily life. Myth bust topics for a successful school-at-home setup, and uncover the mystery of South Sister’s newest glacier. All programs are presented online; follow the links to access. Programs marked with an asterisk (*) require registration.

Solving the Mystery of School at Home*Saturday, October 2 • 3-4pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Demystify homeschooling that works for your schedule while focusing on quality education. Author and education expert Anne Crossman offers perspectives and fields questions for your school-at-home journey through the pandemic and beyond. Registration required.

Get Cozy with Mysteries*Thursday, October 7 • 6-7pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Cozy mysteries are sweeping the bookish community by storm. Join community librarian Jenny Pedersen to solve this open-and-shut case of the Cozy Mystery and get a few recommendations along the way. Registration required.

The Genius of Aztec Hieroglyphs*Saturday, October 9 • 11am-12pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Explore recent discoveries and perplexing mysteries of Aztec hieroglyphs with Dr. Stephanie Wood. Some are humorous, others are wonderfully complex, yet some remain puzzles embedded in this unique graphic communication system. Registration required.

So You Want to Be a Forensic Scientist*Saturday, October 9 • 3-4pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Walk a mile in the shoes of a real-life forensic scientist. Brian Medlock of the Oregon State Police Forensic Services Division dispels myths and misconceptions about the real work versus television portrayals. Registration required.

Taking the Mystery Out of Going Vegan*Sunday, October 10 • 2-3pm | Live Zoom Webinar
No more mystery meat! Explore fun and affordable ways to prepare simple plant-based meals. Join Robin and Jules, co-authors of Beefless Cakes: Easy Plant-Based Recipes featuring Beefless Cakes, for a dynamic presentation on fun and affordable ways to prepare vegan meals. Registration required.

Bigfoot: Best EvidenceThursday, October 14 • 3-4pm | Pre-recorded Program
Hear the best evidence available for the existence of Sasquatch as a real species with Bigfoot specialist and cryptozoologist Cliff Barackman. The evidence will feature Indigenous artifacts, footprint casts, film and photo evidence and more. If Bigfoot isn’t real, skeptics will have a lot of explaining to do.

Mystery Craft Box*Saturday, October 16 | Grab & Go Kits
Get into the spooky spirit of Halloween with a box o’ tricks. Each Mystery Craft Box will include multiple festive crafts to create at home. Registration required to reserve a program kit. Supplies limited; one kit per customer.

Microbes in Seeds*Tuesday, October 19 • 5-6pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Delve into the microscopic world of plant-associated microbes with Gillian Bergmann, ecology doctoral student at U.C. Davis. Explore how microbes end up inside seeds, how their communities impact plant health and future directions for ecological research on seed microbes. Registration required.

The Power of Conspiracy Theories*Wednesday, October 20 • 5-6pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Examine the current psychology research on the topic of conspiracy theories. Dr. Andria Woodell will discuss some of the popular themes of conspiracy, why and when are people more likely to believe them and how can we can better protect ourselves from falling into the misinformation trap. Registration required.

Glacial Mysteries of the Oregon Cascades*Thursday, October 21 • 6-7pm | Live Zoom Webinar
A near complete lack of study exists about glaciers of the Oregon Cascades prior to the 1930s. Help solve the mystery of a new glacier discovered on South Sister and learn about their importance to our High Desert world with Dr. Anders Carlon, professor and co-founder of the Oregon Glacier Institute. Registration required.

Teen Mystery Bags* — Saturday, October 24 | Grab & Go Kits
Are you a sleuth at heart? Do you enjoy the uncanny? Add a little mystery to your life with a bag of tricks and treats to mix it up this haunting season. Registration required to reserve a kit. Supplies limited; one kit per customer.

Death Café*Sunday, October 24 • 3-4pm | Live Zoom Webinar
Sip tea and have a lively conversation about death. Found all across the world, Death Cafés are growing in popularity to increase awareness about end-of-life to help people make the most of their (finite) lives. Join Cheryl Adcox, RN, an experienced Death Café facilitator serving Bend since 2018. Registration required. Ages 16 and up.

Cooking as Creative Meditation*Wednesday, October 27 • 6-7pm | Live Zoom Webinar
With the holidays quickly approaching, take time now to appreciate everyday cooking with mindfulness, gratitude and joy. Vanessa Young, founder of Thirsty Radish, shares recipes and meaningful ways to bring tranquility and connection into your life, in and out of the kitchen. Registration required.

People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats or auxiliary aides) should contact Liz Goodrich at or 541-312-1032.

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