As rock musicals come through Central Oregon with increasing popularity we see a lot of titles done elsewhere and done before: “Hedwig And The Angry Inch”,” Evil Dead The Musical”, and “The Rock Of Ages”  to name a few.  While these titles are well executed and received, some do feel it is time for something new.  For those with an appetite as of yet unsatisfied Gary Spinrad productions is happy to introduce you to “Elviss Simmons AndThe Memphis Strutters”.

This original rock musical stars Elviss Simmons. Long ago in a poorly kept laboratory the DNA of Elvis Presley and Gene Simmons was tragically mixed and resulted in the test tube baby that grew to be Elviss Simmons. He possesses all of his fathers weaknesses and none of their strengths. With the crippling drug addiction prone personality of Elvis along with the ego and litigious disposition of Gene, Elviss never stood a chance at a normal life.

As the story goes; Elviss barely gets through another night of rock star life thanks to his crew which is more hostage than loyal follower. One of his band members is literally a Mormon on “Mission” who is being held hostage to play guitar for the band as he had the misfortune of knocking on Elviss’ door just as the previous guitarist overdosed on cold medication. The keyboardist for the band pretends to be blind because he believes that will improve his chances of becoming famous.  Persephone the prima donna of the group was at one time a prized opera singer until pending litigation confined her to United States soil permanently. All these characters and more are trapped in their careers with the animated and destructive force known as Elviss who is their last chance to have a job in performance.

The ensemble is held together by Simon Garland; a roadie who has been doing his job way too long and is borderline enslaved by Elviss and their destructive codependent relationship. Simon was born into show business as he is the forgotten son of Judy Garland.  When it comes to Elviss needing his hourly fix, or juggling the delicate and irrational egos of the crew Simon is the diseased ring leader that keeps the circus tent up.

Audiences will be head-banging, laughing, and cheering as this motley crew makes it through another night on tour where they are still legally allowed to play. This show is based off of a character created by Gary Spinrad that originally premiered at the “Whiskey Go Go” located in Los Angeles.  Original lyrics and dialogue written by local showman Jake Woodmansee.

Many shows call themselves “unique”, this show is a precious individual snowflake that couldn’t be melted by hellfire. Fans of Elvis Presley and Kiss are sure to enjoy.  Tickets go on sale October 1st at elvisssimmons.brownpapertickets.com and will be available for showings on October 29th, and November 3rd ,4th ,5th.

All showing will begin at 8pm and held at Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin Ave, Bend, OR 97701. All ages are welcome however this show does contain material suited for a mature audience so please act as though it is rated “R”.  Tickets purchased on line or by patrons who attend in Elvis or Kiss gear will be $15. All other admission prices are $20.

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