Four Friends Create First Film in Redmond

The scene is set. Charles Hill has worked hard to get his three friends to agree that the Redmond area will be the perfect spot to shoot their flick, Lurk: A Horror Anthology. The caves, the raw stark l scape of the high desert forests combined to convince the others, from all parts of the country, that Central Oregon was the place.

This project is the synthesis of recent film graduates of Full Sail University in Florida. Towards the end of the program, friends Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer, Garrett Papow Charles Hill took two of the short stories they had written for a thesis project decided to make a film out of them. A third short tale was written by Farmer Ludwig tied the three plots together with a wrap-around story.

The friends had to do much of the planning for the shoot long distance as Ludwig lives in Virginia, Papow in Michigan Hill in Georgia. The casting came together from an ad placed on craigslist, once the actors read the script, were excited to work on the project even though they weren’t getting paid.

The whole production was filmed last August with only a h ful of people, many of which had multiple talents to lend to the effort. One of the cast members was also a member of the b , Warm Gadget, who ended up doing the score for the movie. Another had a day job as a business lawyer was able to help the guys out with some advice.

The group had only two weeks for preproduction once they arrived in Redmond. Money was tight but the friends each were able to contribute equipment for the shoot, only had to buy props. The budget was low, but they put all the money they had on the screen.

Filming proved difficult at times; they were shooting a scene in a former Hawaiian restaurant in downtown Redmond when they had to avoid the noise from a reggae b playing across the street in order to get their shot. Issues like this added to the stress of trying to produce a feature film with limited resources despite the group working well together.

The friends will be finishing up the picture editing this month, will return to Redmond in June to shoot two more small scenes that require a green screen do the sound work. In July they will be finishing up the color direction.

The film came together without much money, the guys are trying to raise capital to help fund the post-production work, visual effects, sound work, etc. They are using grass root efforts with flyers, business cards are reaching out to friends their communities. Many of the cast members are helping with the effort.

They are hoping to hit a few film festivals; early fall is the start of many horror film festivals they hope to have a Bend premier around that time as well as get their film posted on Netflix.

Fundraising Website, Facebook Fan Page, Music Video Teaser on YouTube , Music Video Teaser on Vimeo 

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