Thomas Del Ruth ASC Honored for Contributions to Film & Photography

A celebration that came with a beautiful plaque was presented to Emmy Award winning cinematographer Thomas Del Ruth ASC recently from the Oregon Governor’s office of Film and Television at the screening of Stand By Me at the Tower Theatre.

The recognition was presented to Del Ruth by Tim Williams who is the executive director of Oregon Film. Honoring Del Ruth’s contribution to promoting Oregon’s beauty and legacy as director of photography on the film Stand By Me for the 30th Anniversary of the release of the film.

“It was an extraordinary moment for all those attending and especially to Tom,” remarked Patricia West-Del Ruth.

The 30th Anniversary celebration VIP reception held on the stage prior to the screening, was sponsored by the Governor’s office. The Tower Foundation sponsored the event.

Stand By Me, based on the Stephen King novella The Body, is a nostalgic adventure about four adolescent friends setting off into the woods to find a dead boy’s body during the last days of summer in Castlerock, Oregon. Along the way, they learn about themselves, the meaning of friendship and the need to stand up for what is right.

Guests at the reception heard Del Ruth, ASC talk about behind the camera stories as Rob Reiner’s Director of Photography. He romanticized images for the 1950’s time period and battled on-location complexities and changing weather conditions to keep the production on schedule. He also broke down how he staged and shot the movie’s iconic train trestle sequence.

Tom’s wife, Patricia, recalls how the boys in the cast bonded with the Del Ruth’s young family off-set, making this quintessential coming of age story both a personal and professional turning point.

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