Why Contemporary Art Is a Big Part of Life in Oregon

Oregon is one of the hottest places to be when you love contemporary art. There are a lot of successful artists who started their careers in this state. Various cities have contemporary art programs and galleries that attract enthusiasts from everywhere else in the country; some artists from around the world are also looking at Oregon as the place to be.

What’s interesting is how contemporary art is becoming an integral part of society in different areas of this state. It is always fascinating to explore the many achievements and new developments happening in this genre of art. That is exactly what we are going to do in this article.

Top New Artists of the Genre

It is difficult to count the number of contemporary artists that started their careers with the beautiful landscape of Oregon as their backdrop. The state is considered one of the best producers of painters – and designers – in modern art history.

While there are thousands of names we can review right now, some of them stand out from the crowd. Jordan Domont is one of the few whose art is now desired by many. He specializes in fine art and mainly does storyboards for various productions. Domont is based in Portland, Oregon, but you can see his work in various publications and galleries across the country.

The unique style of Jordan Domont is only the beginning. We also have Judy Wise, a fantastic artist whose many abstract paintings are attracting the attention of even the toughest critics and art lovers from around the world. Her work titled “Searching for a Right Angle” is nothing short of a masterpiece. Aside from showing her work, she also teaches in Australia, Spain, and many other countries.

Next, we have the genius that is Christine Joy. She is an artist whose style you will definitely enjoy, even when you are not a big art fan. Similar to the previous two artists, Joy is now based in Portland. Her work, however, consists of mainly landscapes and cityscapes, all painted in oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

Joy is special to art lovers in Oregon. Her work really shows the beauty of the landscape and scenery in this state. Through her unique approach, you can almost feel the warm sun hitting your face, the light glinting on the surface of the water, and the movement of the leaves in the blowing wind.

We also have another buzzing artist that uses oil and acrylic paint for most of her work, and that artist is none other than painter Julie Costanzo. She does murals and fine art most of the time, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t also good at decorative painting, woodwork, and even furniture design. She too is based in Portland and even offers free consultations to clients on a regular basis.

A Conducive Environment

There are reasons why we now have so many contemporary artists coming out of Oregon and working in cities like Portland. The environment and the beautiful scenery we are blessed with are among those reasons. It is not a secret that the ambiance and landscape of Oregon can be incredibly inspiring.

At the same time, other elements also influence and inspire young artists to pursue their dream. The presence of a lot of successful artists in Portland and Salem also bring more exposure to new artists who are trying to catch their first break. Critics, art lovers, and enthusiasts looking for the next best thing are all looking at artists in the region.

Art Programs in Oregan

There are also art programs and scholarships designed to help new artists pursue their dreams like never before. Organizations like the Honor Society are making programs in cooperation with Oregon State University accessible to more students. In the case of the Honor Society, the organization assists art students in many different ways.

It is thanks to these programs that we have students like Sara, Graduate Student Achiever Scholarship Recipient at the University of Oregon. She is now studying linguistics, but she’s bringing art into the equation by studying the Gallo-Italic dialect known as San Frareau. Other students and scholarship recipients are just as fascinating to know.

Art from a Young Age

Will Oregon be able to maintain its place as one of the meccas of contemporary art? The answer to this question is a big yes. The state, as well as its cities, are actively encouraging young teens to explore their love for art. It is not just visual art and painting either. Music, literature, and other forms of artistic expressions are growing just as rapidly in this state.

Art, when introduced to younger artists, can be incredibly useful. For starters, learning more about art allows Oregon teens to see the world from different angles and to understand those perspectives better. Thanks to art, teens also have more ways to express themselves, giving them an extra bit of freedom and allowing them to mature.

We cannot negate the fact that practicing art is very useful for the mind and soul. Recent studies have shown that young students who love to paint or play music can remember things and process information better. They tend to perform better at school and achieve more things outside of their formal education.

It is also important to remember that art is a great way for young teens to study certain life skills. Time management, leadership, focus, and other valuable skills are skills they can pick up while practicing the art of their choice.

Add the fact that there is a huge exposure and a lot of art enthusiasts actively looking for new talents, and you have the perfect recipe for young artists to break out in Oregon. Internship programs, courses, and facilities designed to support young artists are just as easy to find.

Every element falls into place perfectly. Expect to see more contemporary artists starting their career in cities like Oregon City, Portland, Hillsboro, and Salem in the near future. You can catch their latest work and news about new artists right here on Cascade A&E.

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