A look at a few casino myths

Casinos have evolved through centuries and have found a permanent place in the hearts of people who are always on the lookout to engage in fun and exciting gambling and games.

Land-based casinos in addition to online casinos, for example, the bästa casino bonusar, provide great services to their customers and make sure that they visit their business the next time as well. There is only one licensed online casino website in the country and that is owned by Svenska Spel.

However, every player in Sweden is free to choose any website they like and not just limit themselves to this one website licensed by Svenska Spel.

While casinos have evolved exponentially, some of the myths that surround this game still continue to make the rounds amongst players. Some say that the games in a casino are precisely designed to make their guests run out of cash while some teach players tips and tricks to win all of their lost money back.

Take a look at some of the most famous casino myths:

Card counting is illegal

Card counting is not illegal and one cannot be thrown behind the card for simply counting their cards at a casino table. The reason why casinos don’t allow people to count cards at the table is that the people are using their intelligence to increase their chances of winning thereby increasing the weight on their side of the scales.

This implies that the house will lose and the person will have an increased chance of winning the money. Even if you’re found counting cards, the casino would ban you for a lifetime and might also notify their fellow casinos so that they can ban you as well.

Casino games are designed to cheat people out of their money

The most popular myth about casinos is that their games are specifically designed to cheat the players out of their cash. Many people say that the casino games are usually rigged and that you might stand a very very low chance of winning something huge.

Casinos have to have a continuous source of income and for this reason, their games are designed statistically as well as strategically. This is to ensure that the players do not get payouts that are higher than the casinos’ share of income. This does not imply that the casinos are rigged.

Casinos rend to release extra oxygen on the game floors

Now, this might be the weirdest myth that you have come across. But some people actually believe that casinos tend to pump up extra oxygen into the floors to keep the players energised.

Taking this myth further, some people might even say that casinos also add extra pheromones into the game floor so that their players can bet more aggressively.

Some people might try to justify this myth by claiming that they feel ever energised while playing at a casino even when they’ve lost all of their budgets but this is not true and holds no significance.

Casino staff works secretly for avoiding big payouts

This is another most common myth. People think that the casino staff work secretly to stop the wheel so that the players lose and they do not have to end up giving huge payouts. However, none of this is true as there are many factors that affect the roulette wheel.

One of these factors is that the ball and the wheel are moving at a fast speed and in opposite directions.

This causes the ball to move pretty wildly and no person would be able to control the movements of the ball. Moreover, if a staff member is found cheating then the casino will have to bear a much larger amount of penalty than the player who might have been caught while cheating.

Busting myths might be real fun but what’s more, fun is to have an authentic and real online casino experience. Some of the things to keep in mind while wanting an authentic online casino experience are: joining live casino games, playing the best casino game online for free, using all available welcome bonuses and claiming several free spins,

participating in numerous casino tournaments, joining online casino chat rooms, using your loyalty points and bonuses, reading online reviews to choose the best online casino, making sure that the casino has a credible customer care system and that it offers transparent banking methods.


Casinos provide an exciting and fun-filled environment to people who are looking to blow off some steam and to get away from their hectic work schedules.

You’ve been made aware of some of the most popular casino myths and ways to make your online casino experience more authentic. Now you’re all set to get into the venture of online gambling.

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