Dry Canyon Arts Association Launches Website, Announces Plans for Redmond Center

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An art revolution is happening in Redmond. Back in 2017, five enthusiastic individuals came together and created a plan to grow the art and culture community in their city. Earlier this year, the Dry Canyon Arts Association (DCAA) was formed, a non-profit with membership open to artists and art appreciators of the tri-county area. The group was also formed to allow artists of all mediums to come together, share ideas, collaborate and support one another.

“Central Oregon is a good place to experience all genres of art, both for the community and the tourists visiting, and DCAA wants to be able to be a part of the local art scene,” says Linda Hill, DCAA Board of Directors chairperson.

Dry Canyon Arts Association recently rolled out their website, which is sleek, artistic and easy to navigate. They also announced their plans for a Community Arts and Cultural Center in Redmond. The center, which is in the early planning stages, hopes to create an environment where guests can take a class, see a performance and experience rotating installations similar to the halls of the High Desert Museum in Bend.

Mission & Vision

Statement: The Dry Canyon Arts Association a non-profit organization, dedicates its mission to encourage art and culture in Redmond and the surrounding area by providing opportunity and access for all ages to experience and appreciate many forms of art. It is our vision to see a Community Arts and Cultural Center built and developed, offering art classes, cultural events, a member’s studio and a community stage for performing arts.

DCAA collaborates with area businesses, non-profit organizations, community members and artists in Central Oregon that share in their mission and vision for the art community in Redmond and surrounding areas.

In the next five years, the Dry Canyon Arts Association’s vision is to create a self-supporting Community Arts and Cultural Center for Redmond and surrounding areas of Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties.

The Center Environment:

  • Promotes individual and collaborative efforts
  • Recognizes and celebrates diversity
  • Presents a positive public image
  • Is safe and environmentally aware
  • Is responsive to community suggestions and concerns

The Center Offerings:

  • Local and touring theatre and musical groups
  • Art and music classes for all ages and incomes
  • Permanent Members to have a gallery space to display and sell
  • A place to hold sales and fundraising events
  • Dance and theatre productions
  • Cultural events showcasing the history and culture of Central Oregon
  • Culinary classes
  • Indoor and outdoor botanical demonstrations and classes

Fundraising events and mini classes are in the works that will be offered at DCAA monthly meetings.


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