A&E Presents May Cover Artist Eileen Cohen

(R) CREATION, 2022 oil on canvas 36”x24” (M) BLOOM, 2019, oil on canvas, 30”x30” (L) P3: PURPLE PETAL POWER, 2020, oil on canvas, 36”x24” by Eileen Cohen)

The joy of art began as I learned to appreciate the many facets of color and its impact on my perspective of the world. What early formal training I received at Western Illinois University helped me discover a talent that I would explore in painting and other creative avenues. I utilized my artistic skills in my own ready to wear boutique focusing on a specific genre of fabrics, color patterns and unique design elements. This satisfied my creativity, but it wasn’t until I moved to Bend that I revisited painting once again.

As a woman, I am inwardly protective, but as a painter I feel a self confidence and boldness, the antithesis of my outward persona where there is little drama and controversy. It is here in Bend that I developed the truest, most sincere expression of myself through painting. When I put brush to canvas, I feel an exploration of passion, strength and command. Over the years I have been developing an abstract linear technique, and most recently have been focusing on a floral series inspired by Oregon’s natural beauty. My work has been purchased by the Barber Library at Central Oregon Community College, and has been exhibited at several venues in Central Oregon, as well as hanging in private residences.

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