Announcing the Release of Man in the Mirror, A Novel by Award-Winning Author Rick Steber

(Rick Steber)

Bart Manning is a hardworking cowboy who gets sideswiped by the American Dream. Along the way he loses a son and a wife, and damn near everything he holds dear. Then one day he comes across a poem, Man in the Mirror, and everything changes. He meets a man, or maybe it is God Himself, who gives Bart the gift of story, a story he feels duty-bound to share with the world. Using his cell phone to gain a social media following, he embarks on a risky cross-country trek on horseback. This is a rollicking journey of life, love and distance…

Author Rick Steber has over 50 titles under his belt and more than two million books in print. Five of his books have been optioned for movies. His last release, Out Killing Indians, won the First Place Grand Prize of The Next Generation Indie International Book Awards. He has also has won the prestigious Western Writers of America Spur Award. He is a highly acclaimed poet and a keen observer of the evolving American West, articulating these changes in prose and poems that are boldly descriptive, invigorating and spectacularly creative.

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