Art Evokes Emotion at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver

(Wild Feather by Jesica Carleton)

As summer blooms around us, we feel the beauty and it evokes happiness! Such is the same with art. Art is pleasurable because it evokes emotion every time, we gaze at it. This is the theme in the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. Are walls are filled with art that will make you happy, feel peaceful, stir the senses and create a sense of wonder. This month, four artists who are inspired by nature are featured. 

Dianne Lay: Watercolor Artist

Dianne Lay is a watercolorist know for the luminosity and light in her translucent paintings. Her botanical and landscape painting capture beauty that Dianne believes is vital to life. Dianne says, “My goal is to enable people to bring beauty, which touches them in some way, into their living environment. I want to bring out the happy, fulfilling emotions of someone when they look at my work.” 

The watercolor technique that Dianne used most frequently in her painting is wet-in-wet. According to Dianne, “It is a lot like life: I have some control, but there are many outside influences. I may choose which pigment to put down, but the paper, dampness of the paper and humidity all influences what happens to that pigment. The more experience I have, the more control I have. However, the result of the influences that are beyond my control is very exciting.” Dianne also uses the technique of glazing. This involves multiple, very thin layers, drying between each layer. Glazing takes patience, but results in a painting that has great depth. 

Dianne’s beautiful and colorful watercolor paintings can be viewed in person at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. 

Deni Porter: Watercolor Artist

Long time Artists’ Gallery Sunriver Watercolor Artist Deni Porter is a customer favorite! Known for her colorful pet, animal portraits, Porter also paints the local scenery in her unique style. A Sunriver resident, Deni often captures her surroundings in a way that is fun and brings a smile to the face. 

It is easy to see that her work is inspired by living in this beautiful area. Deni can often be found at the gallery painting one of her favorite subjects — pet portraits. According to Deni, “There is just nothing better than the joyful face of a puppy dog or the wise gaze of a kitty cat.”

In order to make this service more readily available to pet owners, the artist has devised a plan to keep the price of commissioned art more affordable. Portraits are painted from photos that are e-mailed to the artist and the paintings are only produced in dimensions that will easily fit into standard sized frames that can be purchased by the owner. If you have had anything custom framed, you know what a savings this can be. Pricing information is available at the Gallery or you may contact Porter directly. You can see plentiful examples of Deni Porter’s work at the Artists’ Gallery Sunriver. 

Marjorie Cossiart: Watercolor Artist 

Another long-time Artists’ Gallery Sunriver watercolorist, Marjorie Cossiart is also a customer favorite! Known for her realistic landscapes of Central Oregon, Marjorie has a knack for capturing the stunning beauty of the area on paper. Marjorie contributes her painting influences on living in Central Oregon on twenty acres of open meadow with four horses and views of Mt. Bachelor, Paulina Peak and the Little Deschutes River. Marjorie explains that the “landscape and the creatures that share my world are the subjects of my artwork. The fluidity of the medium as well as the interaction of pigment and water along with a blend of spontaneity and control are the essence of my paintings.” According to Marjorie, her approach to her art is mostly intuitive and she works in a carefree manner creating shapes and textures. 

Jesica Carleton : Mosaic Artist

Color and texture are the elements that draw Mosaic Artist Jesica Carleton. Her mosaic creations are very colorful and cheerful. “I love mosaic for how it brings individual and widely diverse pieces together, the final product being a whole new creation made more beautiful for all the unique pieces,” explains Jesica. Using a variety of new and found objects, Jesica creates art out of recycled items, producing the unexpected. From stunning birdbaths and totems for the garden, to a variety of wall art, Jesica’s work brings color to any home. Besides large mosaic items, Jesica also creates smaller, functional items like night lights, illuminated cubes and globes and some whimsical pieces. Her pieces should be viewed in person to be fully appreciated. 

Please stop by the Artists’ Galley Sunriver in the Sunriver Village to view all this beautiful art and much more. 

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver • 541 593 4382 • Open daily, 10am to 8pm

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