Artist Talk this Sunday

(Christi Zorrillo Soto)

Join us for an interactive and immersive artist talk exploring installation art with Christi Zorrilla Soto. This talk is designed for young art enthusiasts and their families who want to learn more about the meaning behind art installations.

Through themes of identity, heritage, and ancestry, Christi’s work invites us to reflect on the threads that make us who we are. During this talk, she will take us behind the scenes of her creative process, discussing her inspiration and how she approaches installation art as a medium for conveying messages.

At the end of the talk, we’ll have the opportunity to participate in an intervention to one of Christi’s pieces, becoming co-authors of an artwork that celebrates the interconnectedness of our lives. Don’t miss this immersive experience that celebrates our shared human experiences and invites us to contemplate our place in the world. Join us for an afternoon of art, reflection, and connection!

Exhibit On View November 3-December 30, 2023

Christi’s work is driven by her personal experiences as a multicultural individual. Her Peruvian-Chinese heritage, along with her family’s migration from different parts of the world, has inspired an exploration at the intersection of native arts with contemporary art. Through minimal sculptures, textiles, and installation arts, Zorilla Soto exposes the delicate journey of migration and the celebration of diversity. By combining traditional and modern techniques, Christi aims to foster dialogue between the past and present while honoring her heritage and uncovering her own identity. Through art, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their roots and recognize the beauty in the diversity surrounding us.

The Scalehouse Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday from 1-6pm. We are located in the Tin Pan Alley of the Franklin Crossing building, 550 NW Franklin, Ste. 138.

About Christi Zorrilla Soto:
Christi is a multicultural visual artist, art administrator, and educator who lives and works in Bend. She received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the School of Fine Arts Peru and a master’s degree in Education. Christi’s artworks seek to find her own identity as a multicultural person by connecting the native arts and cultures learned from her ancestors in contemporary art pieces and exposing the delicate process of global migration through minimal sculptures, textiles, and installation art. Learn more.

This exhibit is sponsored by Brooks Resources.

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En Español: Domingo 12 de noviembre, 1-3pm
Scalehouse Gallery

In English: Sunday, November 19, 1-3pm
Scalehouse Gallery

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