Artists Gallery Sunriver Second Saturday

This month’s featured artists are Gene Thomas (stain glass art), Charles Chamberlain (acrylic paintings), Patrick T. Windsor (photograpy) and Susan Harkness-Williams (contemporary designs).  

Join the artists for their Second Saturday Reception October 13 from 4-7pm. As always the hospitality includes light appetizers and beverages to enjoy while shopping for art. Come learn the latest art class offerings and chat with four featured artists.

thomas2The stain glass art of Gene Thomas captures the light from the windows of the Artists’ Gallery and delights all who pass by. Subjects and sizes of his works vary. A collector can find simple modern pieces to grace a window or larger more complicated pieces that depict interesting subjects. One such piece is a beautiful Southwestern lady of the desert. Most recently, Thomas has been collaborating with his talented artist wife, Midge Thomas, to produce two dimensional glass and metal pieces. Thomas also has some beautiful seasonal pieces that are just begging to decorate your home. If you are interested in specific color schemes or subjects, Thomas is willing to take commissions.

chamberlainjpgWhen viewing the depth of skill and talent demonstrated in the acrylic paintings of artist Chuck Chamberlain, it is difficult to reconcile those paintings with the serendipitous way in which his career in fine art began. At the age of 30, he was “re-gifted” a famous artist’s painting course by his sister. After four lessons, he was hooked. 

It is easy to recognize his New England background in the variety of painting subjects that draw his attention. Back roads, fishing, hunting, barns and covered bridges are excellent opportunities for Chamberlain to demonstrate his in depth observations of light and color. A note near his paintings in the gallery urges viewers to “look very closely” in order to take in all of the detail that he provides in his paintings. Although Chamberlain admits that his learning process was often challenging, it has greatly enriched his life. As he says, “Maybe I should write my sister another thank you note.”

windsor2Patrick Windsor first began photographing the outdoors while living in the mountains of Park City, Utah. He didn’t know it then, but he had begun his life’s work behind a camera. In the late 80s, he accepted a position for the Sunriver Resort and moved to Bend. What a revelation to find that he could make a living while doing the thing that he loves most, photographing nature. 

In 1990, Windsor moved to Seattle, Washington to further his education (and passion) for the art of photography at the Art Institute of Seattle. Not too long after his arrival, he was badly burned in an electrical accident. He recovered from this catastrophic accident while living in Bend, and was finally able to complete his education and received a degree in commercial photography. Windsor’s motto, “I do what I love, and I love what I do,” is readily apparent in his work. His photographs at the gallery are incredibly unique, provided as both matted and framed fine art prints and giclee canvas prints. A large macro (highly magnified) photo of fish scales on giclee canvas delights the viewer with color and texture. Other underwater photos of fish in their natural habitat cause the viewer to wonder how the shot was captured. Windsor also provides greeting cards that beautifully depict the Central Oregon landscape. You can view more of his work on his website

harkness1Susan Harkness-Williams, just back from a trip to Santiago, Chile, is frequently asked about the inspirations for varied designs. She says, “Masks, shields and “kachina” are inspired from Native American heritage. I grew up with a deep love of history and archeology and I love to express that passion in my art.”

Over the past decade collectors world wide have checked in regularly just to see what they can add to their private galleries which include her innovative works. She continues, “Our most valued customers will be among the first to see new pieces!”

Harkness-Williams’ contemporary designs uses piercing, detailed carving and inlaid precious stones that are inspired by master carvers and wood turners. This design work is a snap shot of mother nature at work; flowing river, tumbling rocks in a stream, lava or the intricacy of something as delicate as sea life such as lacy coral. The creative process takes long hours and the execution takes weeks.

Harkness-Williams also designs jewelry and loves bringing affordable elements that create statement pieces. Wear these necklaces, bracelets and earrings with jeans or to your next dressy affaire. Only once a year Susan offers her Italian beads and findings for sale individually at her  Annual Art Party. She clears out her home and invites emerging and established artists to sell their creations. This Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser benefits the St Charles Foundation and Sara’s Project., 541-593-4382.

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