Bend Comedy Presents: The Comedy Section & Ultimate Movie Trivia at the LAST Blockbuster

The LAST Blockbuster has become Bend Comedy’s latest venue, bringing an evening of top quality entertainment to the magical venue that has provided us with entertainment for so many years.

Featuring a team of the best comedians that the Pacific Northwest has to offer —Amanda Arnold, Tylor Jones, Darin Thompson and more.

Hosted by Ryan Traughber, this event is all ages, but some material may be PG-13.

8pm, Saturday April 6.

Tickets are $8 online / $10 at the door.


This trivia is for everyone! Even if you don’t watch a lot of movies, they will still have rounds that you can get all the answers right without seeing any movies, ever!! It’s just a fun time and great opportunity to win some really great prizes. No better place to do our ULTIMATE MOVIE TRIVIA, than at the last Blockbuster!

They will have all the movie candies, soda and pizza by the slice. This is an all-ages event, but some media used for this trivia may come from PG-13 or R rated movies.

7pm, Sunday April 7

Free to play and prizes to win


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