Caldera Arts Program Updates & Highlights

(A light dusting of snow blankets the trees around the Arts Center | Photo courtesy of Caldera Arts)

Youth Program

While we are taking a pause from in-person programming, our dedicated mentors have been focusing on maintaining connections with youth and creating new pathways to continue our mentorship classes. We are excited to share that we are continuing our weekly middle school mentor classes as part of distance learning plans for several of our partner schools.

A look into our classes…

Program & Camp Manager, Kevin Ball — aka Skillz — opened his virtual class at Warm Springs K-8 Academy by introducing students to contour drawing.

Focusing on fun and individual expression, Skillz led students through the challenge. Students were given two minutes to draw various items, with the added challenges of using their non-dominant hands and not being able to take their pencils off of the paper. With care to alleviate any pressure and anxiety that can come with drawing, students added detail and backgrounds to their drawings before sharing them on their virtual screen. In a time when we can’t draw side by side and explore expression in the same room, students were quick to share in the excitement of learning a new method of drawing, and supporting each other through the process of sharing their work. A reminder that the Caldera spirit is alive and well.

If you’d like to try contour drawing, check out this video on YouTube! We hope you’ll share your sketches with us, so make sure to tag us on Instagram — @CalderaArts to share.

Residency Program

Our residency program is preparing to support our 2021 cohort of Artists in Residence. Careful planning is in place to ensure the health and safety of AiR and Caldera staff as we maintain our commitment to providing space for artists to focus on their creative process. We will be announcing our 2021 cohort soon, and we can’t wait to introduce this group of creative minds!

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