Deschutes Historical Museum Opens New Exhibit on Oregon Landmark Legislation

(Graphic | Courtesy of Deschutes Historical Museum)

Oregon has repeatedly led the nation in creating, revising and implementing laws shaping the quality of life of its citizens. While Oregon’s innovations have evoked controversy, they have charted the course for other states and nations.

The exhibit, Oregon’s Landmark Legislation, is open now through September 6, 2022 at the Deschutes Historical Museum. This traveling exhibit from the Oregon Historical Society highlights groundbreaking legislation passed since Statehood either by Politician, Legislative Action or Public Initiative and that focus on environmental, social and land use issues.

Supplementing the display are artifacts from the family of Governor Thomas Lawson McCall in the museum’s collection. Governor McCall grew up along the Crooked River, a graduate of Redmond High School and for whom a Redmond elementary school is named. Considered one of the most important governors in American history, Governor McCall spearheaded some of the key pieces of legislation featured in the exhibit.


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