Feeling Happy

((L) Golden Eagle Family (R) Barn Owl Family | Art by Vivian Olsen)

“When I’m painting, I’m feeling happy,” Vivian Olsen says, “and I hope my artwork mirrors my emotions and projects those feelings to others. Barn Owl Mom and her babes, and a frolicking painting of Magpies At Play are watercolor paintings that portray fun times. They evolved as a feeling, that of just wanting to create something happy and exciting. I kept smiling as I painted others using vibrant watercolors to capture an animal’s beauty and personality. My subjects range from quiet little quail to wolves and coyotes and are featured often in art shows in central Oregon.”

Vivian’s interest in painting animals began when she was young and continued as an adult while she assisted in wildlife research projects — with waterfowl research in South Dakota, and later Sandhill Crane research in Idaho and New Mexico. As an artist she began her professional life as a freelance artist designing wildlife illustrations for South Dakota Game and Fish and the Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Idaho, where she also studied Art. After moving to New Mexico Vivian attended New Mexico Tech University in Socorro, in the Rio Grand Valley, graduating with both a bachelor’s degree in art and later a master’s degree in science (biology). She taught art for 20 years at Socorro High School and throughout those years traveled during the summers to China, France, Italy and Spain, and in the USA to Carmel, Telluride and Santa Fe, continuing to study art by attending art workshops taught by nationally-known artists.

Vivian has never deviated from her path of painting the animal subjects she loves. Through the years she has exhibited in art shows and competitions, won awards and has been represented by galleries in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Telluride and presently in Oregon. Vivian is a member of the High Desert Art League, the Plein Air Painters of Oregon and the Watercolor Society of Oregon. She has exhibited her paintings in shows with Oil Painters of America, the High Desert Museum and numerous venues in Bend and throughout Oregon.

Vivian recently wrote and illustrated a children’s book published by Amazon entitled, The Good, The Bad, and The Goofy. She is currently exhibiting her artwork in Sisters at Hood Avenue Art Gallery, and near Redmond in Eagle Crest Resort at the Falls.


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