Winter Flirts with October First Friday in Bend

(Artwork above: Primetime by Peggy Ogburn)

Alleda_The Nest Builder by Dorothy Holmes
Alleda_The Nest Builder by Dorothy Holmes

Alleda Real Estate
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 1,
Dorothy Holmes of Tall Girl Studio has been painting most of her life. She was lucky enough to travel around this country and others growing up with parents who showed her the beauty of nature and now transfers that beauty and the love of birds onto Canvas. Sometimes her birds and other creatures will be sitting alone and sometimes you’ll find them nestled into a woman’s hair. Dorothy is known for her contemporary abstract landscapes featuring vivid colors and unique textures. Dorothy is very proud to be featured in the HGTV series that was shot here in Bend and to represent Oregon in A Women’s Perspective, a fine art gallery show in New York during last March’s women’s history month.

Renne Brock - Surprise
Surprise by Renne Brock, acrylic on canvas

Art in the Atrium, Franklin Crossing
550 NW Franklin St.
Transition paintings by Renne Brock, Dory Hethcote and Sharon Tillinghast. Artists will attend the opening on First Friday.
The artists are friends and studio mates of several years yet each offers unique and engaging artwork. Brock shows expressionistic images suggesting florals, those using geometric shapes, and other forms creating energy and dimension. She notes that her art embraces constant
movement, color and change.
Brock states that her art is often a response to the dynamic and inconsistent actions our society demonstrates through these times of Transition. The artist’s “intellectual toolbox of processes includes color, which provides the emotional aspect of an image and change, the willingness to consider alternative outcomes, both of which make life’s journey in art a series of adjustments.
Hope and acceptance guide us to the end result. Celebrating these processes, the artist presents two new paintings, Surprise and Vibrancy in Color.

Hethcote’s paintings “represent memories and feelings transformed through the use of acrylics, pastel, pen, and various fiber materials applied to canvas and wood panels.” She employs the varied mediums “to provide a veritable feast of memories from my years of travel.”

Dory Hethcote - Black Mesa
Black Mesa by Dory Hethcote, mixed media on canvas and wood panel

“These memories include late evening light reflected on rock and cliffs, vast treks across deserts and painted hills and morning gratitudes by the ocean, viewed in early light; all evoke those places in nature that have sustained me in my life, providing peace, direction and thankfulness. I attribute the fundamentals of my style to my love of color and texture, which I believe provide interest, depth and movement in my work. I hope my paintings encourage you to go out into nature to restore and nurture your spirit.”

Sharon Tillinghast - Last Foul
Last Foul by Sharon Tillinghast, acrylic and pastel on canvas

Tillinghast presents mixed media paintings featuring the figure including a discouraged basketball player. This Last Foul image offers transitional lessons, “You cannot have the fun of the game without the reality of accepting the let-downs.”
The artists notes, “I began drawing figures at a young age. Most children begin drawing stick-like figures; mine were well-muscled and in motion. The colour I place behind, over and through each figure, along withtexture, is as important as the figure itself; these aspects add life, a bit of tension and reality to each figure. The nude figures are drawn to show the difficulty life can bring. Each painting offers a glimpse of success or inner strength. Real emotion is easily detected by the facial expressions.”
The Franklin Atrium (and Bond St. entrance) exhibition is open from 7am–7pm. Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the its exhibition schedule with info at, 503-780-2828.

Hokey Pokey, mixed media
Hokey Pokey

Bend Art Center
550 SW Industrial Way, Ste. 180
Inspired by the closing of Barnum & Bailey Circus this past spring, Terrebonne artist Dawn Emerson mines her memories of The Greatest Show on Earth. Full of saturated color and abstract
spaces, Emerson’s empty circus rings and shadowy interiors of the big top have a haunting quality, as though the performers have just exited for the final time.
The few scenes still inhabited by show horses, lions and elephants feel almost like a mirage. Her series of acrobats, reduced to simplistic cut out shapes, feel like a visual memory of the danger and risk taking that were permitted under the big top. Using innovative combinations of pastel and monotype, Emerson captures a time, place and feeling that lives on in our imagination.
The October 6 opening reception for Cirque d’ Art features an outdoor performance by Central Oregon Arial Arts, as well as a print demonstration by October’s featured A6 member Helen Loeffler. Loeffler’s recent prints (created with electro etch) will be on display in the A6 Print Studio in October. Admission to the opening reception is free.
Dawn Emerson will give an art talk at Bend Art Center on Friday, October 13 at 6pm. Admission to the talk is $5.
Bend Art Center will offer several circus-themed community art classes, talks and school programs in connection with the Cirque d’ Art exhibit. Emerson will share her creative pastel and monotype techniques in a workshop November 4-5.

Sun-dappled Sisters
Sun-dappled Sisters by Betsy Bland

Cascade Sotheby’s
International Realty
821 NW Wall St.
Featuring Betsy Bland. Betsy’s favorite subjects are landscapes and seascapes and her medium is oil on canvas. She captures the beauty and tranquility of the natural world on canvas. Her work reflects the love of the ocean, open spaces and remote, untouched areas. We are pleased to bring this exceptional artist to our gallery office. Please join us for First Friday where we will have light snacks and wine.

109 Barbara Slater_Ms. Pearl
Ms. Pearl by Barbara Slater

desperado a boutique
Old Mill District
330 SW Powerhouse Dr.
Featuring Bend artist Barbara Slater who is inspired by the “out west” way of life and cowboy culture with a touch of city glitz. Painting oils with energy and spirit, this artist’s pigmentation is rich and succulent, while her brushwork is bold and responsive.

Jeffrey Murray Photography
118 NW Minnesota Ave.
Features American landscape and fine art images captured by Bend nature photographer, Jeffrey Murray. Visit and enjoy a visual adventure of illuminating light and captivating panoramas from scenes in Central Oregon and across North America.

John Paul Designs
Custom Jewelry +
Signature Series
1006 NW Bond St.
Specializing in unique, one of a kind wedding and engagement rings in a variety of metals.

Sagebrushers_Primetime by Peggy Ogburn
Sagebrushers Primetime by Peggy Ogburn

Junque in Bloom
50 SE Scott St.
SageBrushers artists Peggy Ogburn and Barbara Shannon. Peggy has found watercolor painting an inspiration with its flow of color so she spent the last few years mastering it. She uses transparent watercolorswith emphasis on negative painting. Peggy loves flowers and painting those is her specialty. Barbara liked to draw as a child and took a few art classes but did little with it until retirement when she took oil painting lessons and later watercolor. She calls herself a “copyist” and is trying to be more loose and creative.

Karen Bandy Design Jeweler
25 NW Minnesota Ave., Ste. 5, 541-388-0155,
Tucked between Thump coffee and Alleda Real Estate, Karen Bandy a Central Oregon national/international award-winning jewelry designer and abstract painter, specializing in custom design in downtown Bend since 1987. Her designs are bold, fun and very wearable.
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30am-5pm, First Fridays and by appointment.

Kapok Collective
115 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-701-9752,
Featuring Erin Prull of Bend, a self-taught artist. She works primarily with acrylic paints, often incorporating her love of batiks and other textiles, creating a unique mixed-media result. She uses bright bold colors in her work and is often drawn to adding gold leaf accents. Her current work includes a variety of Mexican folk art inspired by yearly trips to Mexico. “I love the richness of the Mexican culture with all of its intense colors and images. It all feels so alive to me! I try to capture that aliveness in my paintings and hope that others can feel a sense of it in my work.”

Layor Art + Supply
1000 NW Wall St., Ste 110, 541-322-0421,
Sarah Helen More an abstract oil painter, inspired by textile designs.

Lubbesmeyer Studio & Gallery
Old Mill District, second story loft

Yellow Fields, 2017 by Lubbesmeyer Twins
Yellow Fields, 2017 by Lubbesmeyer Twins

The Lubbesmeyer twins offer a range of work created in fiber and paint. Through the twins’ collaborative process, they distill literal imagery into vivid blocks of color and texture, creating an abstracted view of their surroundings. Working studio / gallery open Tuesday thru Saturday.



Mockingbird Gallery
869 NW Wall St., 541-388-2107,

The Pearl by Richard Boyer
The Pearl by Richard Boyer

Welcoming Utah artist Richard Boyer in October show titled Catching Light. Serving wine and cheese and Rich Hurdle and Friends will be here to provide their jazz stylings for First Friday. Boyer will meet and greet everyone.
Richard travels frequently throughout Europe and America. His landscapes draw on the traditional approach to oil paintings, but are contrasted by a richer textural quality.
“As I see objects and record my ideas on the canvas, I realize there is so much more to painting than merely applying the pigment on a surface according to a preconceived formula. There is a learning process I am experiencing from one painting to the next, a quest for knowledge to know the subject on which I am working.”

Oxford Hotel
10 NW Minnesota Ave., 541-382-8436
Seasons of the Earth featuring acrylic paint-
ings by Sondra Holtzman continues through October 25. The artist will attend the champagne opening on First Friday.

Sondra Holtzman - The Chef
The Chef by Sondra Holtzman, rust print

Holtzman retrieves discarded objects, tools and gadgets found in ghost towns, along the roadsides and in deserted places. Such acquisitions serve not only her concern for the environment but also provide subjects for her “rust prints.” Among the recovered trash/treasures is a stylized door-pull from a 1930’s playful image of a bakery chef.
She transforms the chef and other trash/treasures into intriguing artwork through the emersion of the rusted object in tannic acid. Over time, the acid transfers a ghost image of the rusted object onto a prepared surface with the result of a one-of-a-kind piece of art — an image impossible to duplicate, a “rust print.”
Her art career includes attending the Rhode Island School of Design and the California School of Arts and Crafts, education that furthered her artistic abilities. She worked as a freelance designer creating artwork for Nike and Delta Airlines.
The Oxford lobby exhibition is open all hours. Billye Turner, art consultant, coordinates the hotel’s exhibition schedule with info at 503-780-2828,

Peterson/Roth Gallery
206 NW Oregon Ave., Ste. 1
Fall Exhibition featuring the work of Central Oregon artists Ken Roth and Chris Cole. First Friday offers wine and cheese and both artists will be present to answer any questions.

Rocky Point by Ken Roth, oil

Roth has been working as an artist/educator for 25 years. He has taught art at all educational levels as well as conducted painting workshops. He considers teaching an integral part of his creative process. Ken is well-known for his oil paintings of birds, especially hawks and ravens and his abstract landscapes.



Olive by Chris Cole, reclaimed materials-bicycle parts
Olive by Chris Cole, reclaimed materials-bicycle parts

Cole brings life to incredible combinations of machinery and wildlife, creating wings from metal and glowing eyes made of recycled bike lights. As his animatronics twist and curl with a realistic grace, the inspiration from the natural world is apparent and surprising, given his chosen medium.



Premiere Property Group
1133 NW Wall St., Ste. 104, 541-241-6860
Kris Cranston ~ Painter was born and raised in Bend, living on a Tumalo farm since the ‘70s. After retiring from a 25 year teaching career with the Redmond School District she returned to Tumalo Community School to teach art.
Her current paintings are acrylic and include painted paper, tissue paper and pen and ink. Using mixed media allows me to create a variety of textures and layers which adds to the artistic narrative of each piece. She values the whole process of each piece. “I like to work on large and small surfaces, including large murals or panels. One of which is on site at the Tumalo school.”

Red Chair Gallery
103 NW Oregon Ave., 541-306-3176,

Photography by Dorothy Eberhardt
Photography by Dorothy Eberhardt

October heralds the changing season with color galore. Red Chair will focus on artwork that captures the beauty of nature with the following artists: October heralds the changing season with color galore. Red Chair willfocus on artwork that captures the beauty of nature with the following artists:
Dorothy Eberhardt’s photography of Central Oregon records the amazing beauty and special moments each one of us may have the pleasure of viewing but rarely capture. Each photograph honors the location or subject of her work in beautiful fashion.
Linda Heisserman creates softly colored art that features beautiful carvings of nature in sensuously shaped pottery. Each piece is hand carved with great care and fired in a beautiful celadon green and soft blue.
Lise Hoffmnan-McCabe is a plein air pastel artist and creates her special pieces on location throughout Oregon and Europe. Her technique allows the soft material of pastel to shine withan inner glow that is nothing short of delightful.

Pastel by Lise Hoffman-McCabe
Pastel by Lise Hoffman-McCabe

Sacred Art at Good Grief Guidance.  33 NW Louisiana Ave.

Spirit Horse by Darlene GertschGrief is the universal language. Whether through death, divorce, illness, loss of dreams, feelings of loneliness or abandonment, or ecologicaland social upheaval, grief is a normal, human experience.
Journey into the sacred art of grief and discover how the pain and suffering of living is transformed into a place of personal empowerment — within the self, in relation to others, and one’s engagement withthe larger community. Indeed, grief and darkness deserve gratitude. Grief is an opening which allows healing and growth so that we may live into the beauty of who we are, and to find ourselves within one another.
Just as we all live with grief, creation is a human calling. The brave graduates of the Good Grief program, including teens and adults from the community as well as men from the Deer Ridge Correctional Facility in Madras, have volunteered to share their newfound beauty of well-being with the larger community of Bend. We offer a visual representation of the transformation of grief through the e offerings at Good Grief Guidance. From weavings, paintings and photographs to poetry, love letters and personal mythologies, the channeling of the creative spirit enables us to reshape our life story so that we may thrive in the face of suffering.
Please join us for food and drinks as we celebrate the loving wholeness which is ever present within each of us.

Sage Custom Framingand Gallery
834 NW Brooks Street, 541-382-5884
October select members from the High
Desert Art League join for a colorful show at Sage Custom Framing and Gallery.
Six members of the group are participating. Helen Brown is known for her textural paintings on ginwashi rice paper. David Kinker uses the aesthetics of nature to inspire him in his art. Janice Rhodes is an encaustic artist who embraces the unpredictability of this medium in beeswax. Dee McBrien-Lee paints almost exclusively expressive abstracts. Jean Requa Lubin enjoys using oils as her medium to paint more representational paintings. Jacqueline Newbold uses colorful watercolors to create her playful landscape paintings.

Mergansers by Helen Brown
Mergansers by Helen Brown

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse
835 NW Bond St., Carissa Glenn, 541-312-2001,
Featuring Galactic Fantasia, ink and watercolor by aspiring illustrator, Katie Culberston, who has been a Bendite for over a decade. Working with ink and watercolor Culbertson grasps the vibrancy and versatility of both media and expresses mood and style in her artwork focused on fantasy and particularly fantasy involving outer space.

Tumalo Art Company
Old Mill District,, 541-385-9144
Sculptor and printmaker, Danae Bennett-
Miller opens her show, Fragile Beauty, Strength of Spirit. Well-known for her public sculptures Danae captures the spirit of both wildlife and ranch animals in her organic works.
Working with poured wax that she forms into shapes to build her one-of-a-kind sculptures, Danae uses the fluid nature of the material to convey the energy of her subjects when cast in bronze or glass.
“My work is influenced by my natural surroundings, and fueled by the textures, colors, and energy of life force. I have always lived in the company of animals and finding an understanding of how we relate and fit into the greater environment is part of my work,” says Danae.
Utilizing her love of drawing and expression, Danae has found printmaking to be a complimentary medium and natural addition to her craft. Her monoprints show exquisite use of line, marks and subtle color. Embossing and shaping paper over forms she creates adds to the sculptural effects of this 2D process.

Palomino, monoprint, Danae Bennett-Miller
Palomino, monoprint, Danae Bennett-Miller

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