Get to Know Your Festival #3 — Introducing Pianist Michael Allen Harrison

(Photo | Courtesy of Sunriver Music Festival)

This is the third in a series of previews of the upcoming 44th Season of the Sunriver Music Festival. You can view all stories online at:

With 2020 behind us and COVID vaccines rolling out, everyone is looking forward to the return of live music to Central Oregon. Sunriver Music Festival’s Piano Showcase at the Tower (October 2021) will be a delightful celebration of live music and pianistic virtuosity. This year’s event is under the direction of Portland-based composer, songwriter and pianist Michael Allen Harrison.

When you review Michael’s biography, it is filled with the usual superlatives for someone who has created timeless music that has connected with thousands. But what is stunning is the depth and diversity of his three-decade career. Michael’s music ranges from movie scores to passionate arrangements for piano, orchestra and ballet. His musical styles include classical, fusion, smooth jazz, pop, New Age and contemporary adult. 

As an iconic artist, Harrison is known for his magical piano solo performances and recordings. He has created over fifty albums released through MAH Records.

Also well-known for giving back to the community, he was honored with a star on the walk of fame in front of the Portland Performing Arts Center for his artistic and community contributions to his beloved city — Portland, Oregon.

This artist’s generosity to community began with launching the Snowman Foundation, a nonprofit which has raised over three million dollars for music education. The organization continues to make hundreds of instruments and scholarships available to gifted yet disadvantaged children in the Northwest. 

Harrison created the renowned Ten Grands concert series as the main platform and fundraiser for the Snowman Foundation. In Ten Grands, Michael joins forces with nine other pianists performing together on ten pianos. Michael expanded this idea throughout the Pacific Northwest and created a 75-minute matinee show especially for local students. The three Ten Grands for Kids shows feature talented young artists performing alongside seasoned professionals.

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