It’s All About the Numbers: BLM Releases Annual Almanac 

(Photo | Courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Oregon and Washington is proud to announce the latest BLM Facts, our annual illustrated almanac answering the diverse and detailed questions one may have about public lands in the Pacific Northwest. 

BLM Facts has lots of numbers, and those figures do tell a story. In most cases, your public lands are located within an hour’s drive from where you live or work. You can find an amazing array of resources and opportunities at almost any site you visit.

This 2019 report has the latest BLM news and updates — from wild and scenic rivers and exciting recreation sites to wildlife, cultural and archaeological programs. BLM Facts also shares information about management plans for minerals and energy, forestry, mining, wild horses and much more.

In addition to maintaining our commitment to delivering an updated volume every year, we continue to make improvements such as full-color maps, photos and a plethora of timely, user-friendly data. You can read it online at:

You can also review BLM’s annual almanac library, going all the way back to 1963, at:


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