“Know Flight” this November with Deschutes Public Library

November is National Aviation History Month. Get a 30,000-foot view with programs this month centered around “Know Flight.” Hear first-hand tales from a professional pilot to find out if aviation school is for you. Hear the familiar fluttering of feathers to learn about migrating and year-round flocks. Examine how the flight attendant field became a social battleground over civil rights struggles. From the Renaissance to the Wright Brothers, local author Mike Lankford discusses humanity’s attempts at flight. All programs are free and open to the public. Programs marked with an asterisk (*) require registration.

Birds of Prey:
View a Gyrfalcon and Eurasian Eagle-owl up close with accompanying presentation hosted by naturalists from the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory. A quiet and respectful audience will help the birds during their visit.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Pilot?
Hear first-hand aviation tales from a professional pilot. Karl Baldessari, program director of the COCC School of Aviation, has over 35 years’ experience in the field of aviation—from the Coast Guard to commercial aviation and most recently aviation education.

Fanciful Hummingbirds and Their Feats of Flight
Learn fascinating facts about the unique and acrobatic flying abilities of hummingbirds. In this presentation, Christine Elder shares stories, sketches and imagery of some of the world’s 350+ species of hummingbirds.

The Icarus Myth
This story of Icarus in Greek mythology resonated throughout centuries, inspiring writers, painters, composers and psychologists. Kristin Dorsey explores the many versions of the Icarus myth throughout time and medium.

Male Flight Attendants and LGBTQ Civil Rights
Until 1972, almost all US airlines refused to hire male flight attendants. Explore the history of a lesser-known civil rights struggle with Phil Tiemeyer, associate professor of history at Kansas State University.

Flights of the Mind
Travel from the Renaissance all the way to the time of powered flight and the Wright Brothers. Local author Mike Lankford discusses humans’ attempts at flight.

Death Café
Death Cafés happen all over the world and in a range of places, including coffee shops, people’s homes, cemeteries and libraries. They help to normalize conversations around Earthly departures and flight of the spirit in a relaxed and safe setting, free of agenda or ideology. Ages 16+

For more information about these programs, please visit the library website at deschuteslibrary.org. People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats or auxiliary aides) should contact Liz Goodrich at lizg@deschuteslibrary.org or 541-312-1032.


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