LCA, Madras Library to Host Mexican Poet

In hot July, Leadership Coordinator Hilda León led 11 participants through the cool poetry of  “El Invierno en la Ventana” (Winter in the Window) by Concepción Sámano, via Zoom meetings. It was her second Club de Lectura (reading club) program and attracted readers from California and Lebanon, Oregon.

Hilda connected with the poet and writer when she visited Guanajuato, México, on June 13 and invited her to visit Central Oregon. Sámano will present a workshop in Spanish at the Madras Library from 11am to 1pm August 19.

Sámano grew up in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, where she studied philosophy and earned scholarships from a state cultural program. In 2015, she moved to Falls City, Oregon, near Salem. She has published four books of poetry and won several awards in poetry competitions in Oregon. Sámano hosts a radio program called Migrantextos and serves as a cultural outreach coordinator and addiction and well-being mentor.

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