Looking Back on 25 Years. Looking Forward to the Future

As Cascade Business News (CBN) heads towards its 25th year in existence, it is an opportune time to reflect on our story so far, and celebrate a passing of the torch cementing our publication group’s legacy into the future.

Following earlier life chapters spanning assorted hippie adventures, having children and marked by increasing political advocacy and activism — including working with a couple of noted Portland mayors — I discovered a love of journalism after being asked to edit the one-time Central Oregon Business Journal.

Following a parting of ways over directional differences, and armed with a determination to raise the bar for local newspapers, I founded CBN in 1994 with the help of a small business loan from Bank of the Cascades, an astute advisory board and a small staff of incredible talent and dedication.

I am proud to have seen CBN become firmly established as a media fixture acknowledged as an essential source of news and information for our region’s vibrant business community.

Soon after CBN’s launch, a second publication, Cascade A&E, followed in 1995, showcasing and promoting the amazing things happening in the world of arts and entertainment in spectacular Central Oregon.

Tapping into this resource and providing the widest scope of opportunity to audiences throughout the region was the goal of creating a local arts and culture magazine, which has also flourished for over two decades, as a beacon for our creative community, even through two recessions.

My son, Jeff Martin joined the team in 1999 to run the sales department.

As a partner, Jeff pioneered a new vision to move beyond the initial concept and formed Cascade Publications, Inc., both to expand a niche stable of in-house publications — which has grown to include publications such as the annual Book of Lists, Sunriver Magazine and The Contractors Directory, and to help with special publications for a wide variety of contracted customers.

Our mission, which continues to this day, has been to enhance and promote the economic vitality of Central Oregon.

This focus has not changed; what has changed is the way news is delivered. Not resting on the value of the printed word, we have kept pace with technology in varied ways, including providing a comprehensive website for business articles and advice and a regular eHeadline news blast delivered on a timely basis to thousands of subscribers for free.

We thank you Central Oregon for walking this path with us and for supporting our efforts, especially during periodic challenging economic times, and as we look toward the next 25 years I would like to announce a shift in gears for our ever-evolving family business.

Last February, I spoke with Jeff about my intentions to step back somewhat from a full-time role, and circumstances have confirmed that this is an appropriate juncture to hand over the daily reins.

As many of you know, I have been fighting brain cancer since October. I will soon be starting a new treatment and hopes are high that I will be back to full strength.

Jeff Martin will be formally taking over the day-to-day operations of Cascade Publications Inc., though I will continue to be involved with business decisions and the overall direction of the company.

This has been a wonderful journey, which we look forward to continuing under Jeff’s stewardship as an integral part of the incredible Central Oregon community, and, as ever, we warmly appreciate your valued support.

While I don’t pretend to be the prolific writer that Pamela is, I have been working on my writing skills and plan to contribute more in the coming months. In the mean time, this space will be reserved for Pamela anytime she would like to chime in. Along with the incredible spirit she brings, her editorials will be sorely missed, and impossible to replace. 

I encourage you, our valued readers, to send in your own editorials as you have ideas and commentary to convey. 

Cheers to your health, and a prosperous 2018!
Jeff Martin, President

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