Never Forget 9/11

(Photo | Courtesy of Rick Steber — MAKERS)

The AMERICA 9-11 TRIBUTE DISPLAY will once again be a featured attraction in downtown Prineville. This exhibit was inspired and created by Chuck Pore, a Deputy Sheriff of Lake County, who was so moved by the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City that he invested thousands of dollars and contributed his time to create a worthy memorial to all who lost their lives in this heartbreaking act of violence.

Prineville residents Roland and Mona Glade helped Chuck throughout the years in preparing and setting up this unique display. Chuck passed away in 2020, and the Glades have continued to keep the tradition alive.

Once again the AMERICA 9-11 TRIBUTE DISPLAY will be showcased at Rick Steber — MAKERS, where the main canvas will be illuminated for night viewing. In addition, there are exhibits featuring poems, information and T-shirts autographed by Fire and Police agencies from around Oregon. There are plaques dedicated to the 75 police officers and the 343 firefighters who died that fateful day, as well as tributes to those who were about flights United 11, United 93, United 175 and American 77, and the many civilians who perished or were traumatized by this terrible event.

The Glades encourage the public to come, view this impressive display and to pay their respects. They also encourage teachers to bring students for a first-hand look at history. We must never forget to acknowledge and to honor those who suffered and died on the day America was attacked.

Rick Steber — MAKERS is located in Prineville at 131 NE 5th Street and the 9/11 Tribute Display can be viewed between September 6 and September 12.

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