New Exhibits at the Betty Gray Gallery for Summer

(Farmers Fishing by David Kreitzer)

As summer moves into full swing, more homeowners and visitors will be on the pathways in Sunriver. Summer is a vibrant season with good weather and plenty of activity. The Betty Gray Gallery at the Sunriver Lodge is also participating in the summer activity with two new shows that run through September.

The upstairs gallery features the amazing work of David Kreitzer, who has displayed his works professionally for over 55 years, starting in San Francisco in 1967. He has displayed all over America over his career, with many of his works in prominent public and private collections. He often creates and displays works in conjunction with other cultural activities; locally, he is a past winner of the Sunriver Music Festival poster art competition. He styles his work in the contemporary realist tradition, and says that his oils and watercolors are meant to become objects of meditation and healing for the viewers. His works include both figures and landscapes, and fit a variety of sizes and format designed to please any audience. His intent is to create a compelling and lasting oils and watercolors that span time and trend.

To complement the traditional works upstairs, the downstairs gallery will feature the photography of Barb Gonzalez. Gonzalez roams the U.S. and the Pacific Northwest looking for the natural wonders that the country holds. She worked as a travel photographer for 15 years, which allows her to connect to the uniqueness of the region. Her fine-art photography uses this experience to connect more deeply to her subjects, using light and composition to transport the viewer to the moment. Her display will feature both local and more far-ranging works from her recent travels. The combination of local, regional, and national work merge to create a complete theme of nature that allows the viewer to share her travel experiences.

Combined, the two new displays provide a new experience for anyone visiting the Sunriver Lodge, and add depth to the Sunriver experience. Whether you’re a long-time resident looking for art amidst the season or a visitor looking to experience all of the region during your stay, make sure to visit the displays as you enjoy the warmth and beauty of Sunriver.

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