Riddles Thank You & the Answer

(Photos | Courtesy of Deschutes Children’s Foundation)

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors and sponsors for making our first-ever Riddles a success! Thanks to you, we raised over $90,000 to support Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s vision of a community where all children and families have the resources they need to thrive.

If you haven’t solved the riddle yet, keep reading for a link to the answer. Find the answer to the riddle, and read more about Irene’s creative thinking HERE.

The Riddles competition is over, but puzzles are available to purchase at a reduced price of $50 each. 

Playscape Training

Each Fall, Deschutes Children’s Foundation provides a teacher training at our East Bend Campus for MountainStar Family Relief Nursery and Head Start teachers. Yvonne from Your Garden Companion joined us with a fun class project on harvesting seeds to feed the birds over the winter. The teacher training was funded by The Environmental Center’s Garden For Every School grant. 

Make a Donation

Please consider making a donation to Deschutes Children’s Foundation today.

Your generosity supports a thriving community of nonprofits working together to help children and families grow, heal, learn, and find happiness.

Donate Here: donorbox.org/donate-newsletter-2020.


Our community partners serve 20,000 children and families at our campuses each year.

Becky Johnson Community Campus

East Bend Community Campus

La Pine Community Campus

Rosie Bareis Community Campus


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