Caldera Summer Launch 2023

Summer Is Here!

Caldera Arts’ year-round staff grows exponentially each June, as our summer team expands the circle that embraces Caldera summer learners from July thru August. Our 2023 theme is Heart, and we’ll be bringing our hearts to Caldera every day.

This year, even as we feel the absence of one—our Founder— the land, this caldera (our namesake) of brightest blue, deepest depths, an explosion of creativity and love, fills the void with memory and legacy and a strong foundation of heart.

Caldera learners will join us on Saturday, and for so many this will be their first outdoor experience; their first time holding a camera, or a paint brush or an African drum. They will build community. They will have a safe place to take risks and fail and take risks again and learn to thrive. They will discover their voice. They will learn they can do hard things. They will become the future creative problem-solvers of the world, one new experience at a time.

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2024 Artists in Residency Open Call

Apply Now

Caldera Arts invites artists of any discipline to draw inspiration from the natural world surrounding our Arts Center in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon.

Artists, creatives, and cultural workers: come together to build skills, connect with community and explore your passion! Engage in projects that inspire growth, combat oppression and activate cultural change.

Our residency program is one of the vital components of Caldera’s programming to support creativity through all stages of an artists’ development, and every resident artist contributes to the artistic ecosystem of Caldera.

Applications close July 18!

We appreciate our youth, mentors, teaching artist, community partners and active donors who make Caldera really rise to the top!
Thank you.

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