Sparrow Bakery Promotes Twice More Campaign

Sparrow Bakery (creators of the Make Local Habit campaign in 2007) introduces the Twice More campaign. Twice More is a call to action that aims to support the struggling restaurants and the food service industry here in our community.

By asking members of our community who are financially able to find a way to order out, or hopefully soon, dine in, just twice more than they currently are per week, this initiative calls for restaurant lovers, foodies, locavores and our community at large to come out and support the places they love.

As widely documented throughout the pandemic, food service and it’s employees have been suffering for nearly a year due to safety restrictions. The effect this is having on our city will be felt for years to come as businesses shutter their doors forever and their workers have little or no potential employers to turn to. The Bend food industry is filled with talented professionals who are eager to serve the city. With the community’s support, these workers can return to intact and functioning businesses as soon as life gets back to normal.

Sparrow Bakery urges you, on behalf of all food service workers and businesses, to patronize your favorite eateries Twice More each week. By responding to the Twice More initiative, we the people of Bend can band together and have a SIGNIFICANT impact on our remaining food service businesses and help push them over the pandemic finish line. Help save your favorite restaurant or cafe, or help your friends and neighbors who work in or own a food service business — eat out Twice More this week! 

Sparrow Bakery is located at 50 SE Scott Street, 541-330-6321 and 2748 NW Crossing Drive, 541-647-2323.


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