Sunriver Stars Community Theater STARS SEARCH

The Sunriver STARS Community Theater group is seeking new directors for its 5th season.  “Our continued growth and improvement has led us to a point where we are seeking new directors for our next season,” said Founder Victoria Kristy.  “We are currently recruiting those who have a desire, and hopefully some previous experience, at directing live theatre.”

The STARS have now completed 12 different productions for the Sunriver community.  With each show, the talents of their casts and technical support volunteers has grown.  Their success has led them to a point where they are now seeking those with a talent for directing.  Anyone interested in directing is encouraged to contact Kristy with their resume and a proposal for any particular show they would like to produce.

STARS wants to take this opportunity to thank a couple of local businesses that have provided them exceptional support.  Hammertime Home Center is providing free storage for their bulky set material.

“We at Hammertime feel privileged to help this group that does so much for our community.  We place a high priority on family and community values.  Helping STARS is a great way to meet that goal,” said Store Manager Buck Buckendorf.  “We have past and present employees who are very involved with STARS including current employee Debbie Conway.”

Two of Conway’s grandchildren, Wyatt and Rylee Miller, and her son in law Cully Lane, were in the June production, Wild, Wild, Wildest West.

STARS thanks Mark Halverson of Village Properties which is providing a free room for the group rehearsals.  “This is a huge benefit to us,” said Kristy.  “We survive on public donations and a very small budget.  Now that we are being charged to use SHARC, getting free rehearsal space keeps us alive.”

To get more information about STARS, or to get involved, contact Kristy at


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