Synchronize Your Watches. The Future Is Coming Back…

Wednesday, October 21 is the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown set the DeLorean to arrive in Hill Valley, California, and the Tower Theatre is ready! Grab your light up Nike pumps, hop on your hover board, and join us for Back To The Future trivia, prizes, and a viewing of Back To The Future Part II.
In this kooky sequel, Marty and Doc return from saving Marty’s future son from a disaster, only to discover that their own time has been transformed. Now the duo must embark on a quest to repair the space-time continuum. It seems that getting back was only the beginning….
Back To The Future Part II: (1989) 108 minutes, PG
Wednesday, October 21, 7pm
Tickets: Reserved Seating, $8
Tower Theatre films are sponsored by Crater Lake Spirits, in collaboration with BendFilm, and projection system from Stereo Planet

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