The Oxford Hotel Features Artist Rebecca Sentgeorge

((L) Haphazard. (R) Nine Lives by Rebecca Sentgeorge)

The Oxford Hotel is pleased to feature the paintings of High Desert Art League member Rebecca Sentgeorge during the month of December. The holidays bring to mind special foods, decorations and toys. In keeping with this, the theme of this show is Vintage Toys. Sentgeorge hopes that the paintings will take the viewer back in time to childhood and act as a portal to memories and imagination. Toys can evoke a feeling of joie de vivre, and nostalgia for a simpler time and a simpler world.

“To me toys are symbols of the power of our minds to shape our worlds,” Rebecca says. “Children naturally know how to use their mind to alter their world. A towel can become a cape, granting the power to fly. An invisible blue bear can be a best friend and speak in a voice that only the child can hear. Toys become tools of the mind that can transport the child to that special place where time seems suspended and the mind creates its own reality. They remind me that as an adult, I too can be in the moment — and if I chose to, I too have the ability to shape my world with my thoughts. ”

This exhibition of watercolors and mixed media paintings invites the viewer to enter with a sense of play and to be in the moment. It calls upon the viewer to remember that we all have the ability to use our thoughts to create our world, to remember that we can all still play.

Rebecca received her degree in art from San Jose State University in California and taught art in the schools for 40 years. She teaches occasional workshops in Central Oregon. Her art can be viewed on her website

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