Through an Artist’s Eyes

((L-R) Mule Deer Hidaway, Moonlight Paints the Hills and Barn Owl Family by Vivian C. Olsen)

“When I’m painting, I’m feeling happy,” Vivian Olsen says, “and I hope my artwork mirrors those emotions and projects them onto others. Barn Owl Family — a quiet mom and her babes, or Mule Deer Hideaway — a hidden grove with deer, are watercolors I painted using vibrant colors to capture the animal’s beauty. The scene of Oregon’s Moonlight Paints the Hills was actually a scene on a sunny day, but I painted it with the glow of evening light and the moon creating a mosaic of colors. Transforming the day into night is called Artist’s License — for me that means ‘wanting to change something to make it more colorful and moody, because I can.

“Throughout my life I’ve loved animals and have been so inspired by them that I’ve chosen them as the primary subjects in my paintings — all captured realistically using watercolor, pastel, or oil paints.”

Vivian’s subjects range from quiet quail and majestic eagles to wolves. Her artwork may be viewed in galleries and exhibits in Oregon. Vivian is a member of the High Desert Art League, the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and the Plein Air Painters of Oregon. Recently Vivian published a children’s book, The Good, The Bad, and The Goofy with Amazon, which is featured on her website, and shows many of the colorful full-page illustrations from her children’s book.

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