Two Twisted Sisters Invite Local Storytellers To Tell The Truth at the Old Stone

An inspired group of local storytellers will assemble at the Old Stone on Friday, September 16 at 8pm to regale an audience with personal recollections and anecdotesin the first installment of a new program called To Tell The Truth.  The show is the second presentation by the reclusive impresarios Two Twisted Sisters, who earlier this summer launched High Desert Hijinks.

Each performer will have between five and seven minutes to deliver a true life story on the theme for the evenings’ show, “….a funny thing happened….”

Although there are no restrictions on subject matter, storytellers will not be permitted notes or other prompts once they step onto the Old Stone stage.

A number of familiar faces will appear, but the atmosphere will be supportive and receptive to everyone, from veteran performersto complete novices.  At the end of the evening, the audience will be encouraged to vote for its favorite story.

An audition for To Tell The Truth was held late in August after a call went out to local performing groups, cast lists from recent plays and the Bend community at large.

While the show is modeled on National Public Radio’s popular story slam,  The Moth, the show at the Old Stone will be characterized by the unique flavor of Central Oregon.

Speaking about To Tell The Truth, the Two Twisted Sisters expressed great enthusiasm for the idea of offering local talent an opportunity to tell true stories to an audience of strangers as well as usual listeners.

“Your friends and family are sick of hearing about your four divorces, wrecked career and unlikely adventures, but we’re not!” one Sister barked. “It recalls times long past,” the other added, “when we sisters and our pals sat around a fire and told nasty stories about each other. Unfortunately one of those times we burned our house down.”

There will be no fires on September 16.  But there will be a number of surprises.  In addition to a full evening of funny stories, the Sisters plan on a musical interlude and maybe a surprise or two. Once again they will be calling on producers Howard Schor and Dan Cohen to supervise the proceedings, although the Sisters have insisted that Mr. Cohen, who presided over the last show, get a haircut before his next appearance on the Old Stone stage.  Neither Sister requested that Mr. Schor don a toupee.

Tickets will cost just $5. That’s right $5!  But, as one Sister remarked, those who love the Old Stone are encouraged give until it hurts.  All ages are invited although parents are strongly cautioned that some stories may be unsuitable for impressionable youngsters.

The Sisters say, “it’s your call, but this can’t be nearly as wild as what they see on cable.”

Wine, beer, and tasty snacks will be available at the Altar café.


The Old Stone Performing Arts Center

157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend


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