Uniting Bend through Art: Greetings Tour to Create New Mural

Greetings Tour is a worldwide project creating landmark murals in the large letter postcard style. With over 60+ murals in both cities and rural communities across 27 states, this will be their inaugural piece in Oregon. Local residents and businesses were invited to collaborate on this artwork, proposing ideas of unique landmarks, culture, and nature that best represent downtown Bend.

Bend-based creative studio Vivi Design Co. will be collaborating on this mural. In addition, they will be working with a team of local photographers including Autumn Swisher and Aarica Horner to document the creative process. “It’s important that we involve as much of the community as possible in the creation of each mural,” stated artist Victor Ving. “When we’re gone, the artwork belongs to the people who live here so it must be representative of the community they love.”

The mural is being donated as part of a yearly mural grant started by the Greetings Tour. Out of 70+ applicant communities across the country, Bend was chosen as the site of the new mural, and is being painted on the exterior of the Chase Bank building. “Chase has supported us the whole way through,” noted Ving.

We’re collaborating with local artists and getting public feedback to make art that really speaks to everyone. We want all the people who live here to feel like the art represents what they love about their home. As an expression of thanks, Ving will be giving out a bunch of postcards (and stamps) with the design to those who come to see it on the 16th.

About the Artists

Victor Ving is a former NYC graffiti artist who now utilizes his aerosol art experience to create timeless public murals for communities across America. He is married to Lisa Beggs, and for the last six years they have been living out of their RV and traveling coast to coast working on their postcard mural project in towns and cities of all sizes. They are currently based out of Pasadena, California.

Photographer Lisa Beggs was born and raised in Ohio. Upon graduating from Ohio University for Commercial Photography and Dance, she moved to New York City where she began shooting.


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